10+ Best Email Validation & Verification Tools

Building an email list is an essential tactic when marketing online. It allows you create and nurture customer relationships into conversions and sales.

However, your email list is only as good as the contacts in it. 

Not every address signed up to your list is actually worthwhile. In fact, you’ve probably got quite a few undesirable spam, invalid, or otherwise dangerous email addresses lingering amongst your hard-earned contacts. These unsavory email addresses can ultimately result in low open and CTR rates, lower deliverability, high bounce rates, and ultimately impact your sending reputation.  

Fortunately, there are some wonderful tools available that can help you clean up your email list. Typically, these tools work through one or two different methods: email validation and email verification.  

Each of these techniques is instrumental in keeping a clean email list. Just remember that these checks are no replacement for a confirmed opt-in system like the one you’ll get from GetResponse.

However, through a vigilant combination of the two systems, your email list will be as accurate and valid as possible.

But what’s the difference between validation and verification?

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What is email validation?

Email validation is the process in which an email address is confirmed to exist. Email validation tools compare a given email address against its service provider (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail) and determines whether or not the email record is valid.  

This process is the simpler of two; however, it’s still incredibly useful.  

For example, if your potential client inputs a typo in their email address when signing up such as a double letter or a misspelling, an email validation tool will catch this as an incorrect and invalid email. Likewise, the tool can catch spammy email addresses and misdirects created this way also. 

What is email verification?

Email verification, on the other hand, is a more complex process. Instead of just ensuring that an email address exists, email verification tools verify that the address is active and that someone is actually on the receiving end.

Best email verification and validation tools for GetResponse 

While we don’t have a fully equipped tool for this, we check invalid domain addresses whenever you’re importing a file into GetResponse. Plus, we remove addresses that bounce. So even if you’re adding new contacts or your contact’s address is abandoned, we should pick it up if we receive a proper bounce response code. 

On top of all that, adding a confirmed opt-in is a great practice to minimize any potential invalid email addresses.  

That being said…you can never be too careful. The following companies are dedicated experts in the field of email verification that are super qualified and fully equipped to tackle false emailers even before they begin.  

That’s why we love their integrations into our email marketing platform! 

These companies are ahead of the game, providing top-notch email security while we focus on deliverability and driving your marketing campaigns. Symbiosis at its finest.  

1. Alfred: Complete Threat Removal

Alfred by Email Industries.

Alfred by Email Industries is an email list hygiene service that offers an all-in-one threat detection and email validation service to ensure your sent emails have the best deliverability rates.

With over 9 billion emails cleaned since 2008, Alfred is a next-level email verification service. It eliminates bad addresses and identifies good contacts. It removes spam traps, abandoned addresses, and more, guaranteeing that only safe contacts with valid email addresses receive your emails. Alfred’s service offers real-time API email validation with immediate feedback on results, and single and bulk verification to cover any needs you may have.

Alfred is an excellent option for businesses looking to lower their risk while still reaching their audience. The Interface is simple to use, and you can choose from 7 different ways to break down your list, including by email provider. Alfred’s scoring system is the only one of its kind on the market.

Alfred is fast and backed by friendly support experts who are available via phone, email, or chat. It’s completely compliant and built to be GDPR-compliant from the get-go.

* Offers a free list health-checkX Few direct integrations
* Good and clean UIX Less known than other available solutions
* Robust API suitable for ESPs and agencies

2. ZeroBounce: Best Security Protocols

For those looking for a real email verification powerhouse, consider ZeroBounce. 

ZeroBounce’s platform is known for two major attributes: being tough and reliable. It comes equipped with military-grade security protocols to ensure that your data stays safe and secure. 

ZeroBounce checks your email list both in real time and in bulk so you can get your email list validated and keep it that way. And if you ever have any issues with the platform, they’re easy to contact with their 24/7 customer service.

 * Top notch securityX Can be difficult to get started with
 * Grey listing feature
 * Pay-As-You-Go available 
 * Bulk and realtime checks available 

3. Hunter: Best Browser-Based Verifier

Hunter Email Verifier

Hunter is one of our favorite quick go-to tools when it comes to email lookup and validation. It’s browser-based and can quickly verify a single address without having to log into a full-blown system. Currently, there are 2,000,000+ companies such as Google, IBM, GetResponse and Microsoft that use Hunter on a regular basis.

Their lightweight Email Verifier is extremely efficient and makes validations at multiple levels: format, domain information, the response of the mail servers, and comparison with Hunter’s unique base of 100+ million professional email addresses.

While it’s great for single address verifications, Hunter is also capable of making bulk verifications. However, this requires a paid plan to do so.

* Simple Browser-Based UIX The free plan doesn’t allow to do bulk verifications 
 * Multiple Level Validation

Use Zapier to integrate Email Verifier into your GetResponse email marketing platform

4. Mailfloss: Best for Busy Clients

If you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it type of email verification tool, Mailfloss might be the best option for you. Through a simple setup process that takes only minutes, you can have Mailfloss automatically clean your email list daily without any other manipulation on your part. 

But it’s not just addresses within your list that Mailfloss can update. The platform can automatically update, delete, or unsubscribe tags and custom fields within your email list. They currently have a 7-day free trial and paid plans starting at $17 a month.

* Automatic Daily CleanupX User interface not as intuitive as other services 
 * Realtime Verification API available
* Detailed Analytics and Reports

Integrate your GetResponse email marketing system with Mailfloss

5. Kickbox – Experts in Anti-Spam and Real-Time Verification

Kickbox has been a player in the anti-spam industry for over 12 years and brings that expertise to its email deliverability tool. Kickbox isn’t the fanciest platform with the most features, but what it does—it does well.  

They’ve dedicated their platform to addressing the email list cleaning needs of their customers. Kickbox’s integration provides both batch and single email address verification processes, but the real star of the show is their real-time verification API. It can actually inform potential clients of common misspellings and typos at the point of signup ensuring that you don’t miss any prospective customers before they enter your sales funnel.  

 * Tons of experience with anti-spam and email deliverability best practicesX Free trial is very limited
 * Provides more real results for email addresses than other providersX Pricing credit system can get expensive
 * Real time API is very easy to implement

Here’s how to connect Kickbox with your GetResponse marketing platform 

6. Emailable – In-Depth API for Maximum Deliverability


Emailable is a no-nonsense platform dedicated to providing you with the best deliverability for your email list as possible. They’re trusted by many premier organizations, and it’s easy to see why. Emailable boasts one of the most in-depth APIs for email validation and verification on the market today. 

The platform allows for bulk, single, and real-time email address checking, so you’ll never be caught off guard. And while the results are not automatically displayed, you’ll find detailed reports emailed to your registered address where you can see a full breakdown of each entry cleaned on your email list.  

 * Extremely comprehensive API X Pricing can be awkward and confusing
 * 99% Deliverability after email list cleaningX Results are not automatically displayed
 * Automatic email list hygiene monitoring

Integrate Emailable with GetResponse via Zapier

7. TrueMail: Best Pricing Scale

Finding an email verification tool that’s able to cost-effectively scale with your business can be tough. Fortunately, TrueMail can provide a solid solution. While smaller businesses and clients can take advantage of the platform, TrueMail caters to those looking for enterprise-level solutions with affordable price-per-verification scaling. 

Aside from being one of the fastest email verification tools around, TrueMail has a great deliverability rating up to 99%. In fact, they guarantee that if your bounce climbs higher than 5%, you’ll be refunded the difference. Their system works strictly on real time multi-step verification ensuring that you won’t miss out due to archived or historical data. 

 * Very fast and accurate X False negatives have been reported
 * Able to sync with CRM 
*  Duplicate removal tool 
 * Great pricing scale 

Integrate TrueMail with your GetResponse account today 

8. Bouncer: Best for Beginners

If you’re looking for a super easy-to-use, intuitive email validation and verification service, check out Bouncer. Bouncer took 2020 by storm conquering the G2 Awards taking home many awards. An honor they’ve kept alive by winning the G2 2021 High Performer Award. And it’s probably the simplest tool on this list to navigate making it ideal for those unfamiliar to online marketing tools and services. 

On top of their high-powered simplicity, Bouncer also promotes a very budget-friendly model with a pay-as-you-go model with credits that never expire or are used up for duplicate emails or unknown results.

Email verification is accomplished through either batch analysis or a real-time API verification which is just like the rest of the platform—easy to use.

 * Very user friendly X UI may be a bit simple for those looking to be more involved
 * GDPR Compliant 
 * Great support team

Learn how to connect your GetResponse account with Bouncer 

Using Zapier to integrate ZeroBounce into your GetResponse email marketing platform 

9. QuickEmailVerification: Reliable Verification With Unmatched Deliverability

Trusted by some of the biggest names around, QuickEmailVerification is designed to be a reliable tool for businesses. In fact, having a business email address to sign up with may make you eligible for free credits.

But for those who do qualify, QuickEmailVerification’s GetResponse integration is an incredibly powerful resource. 

They have an unprecedented deliverability rate with a consistent 99% rating. That figure is also bolstered by a claimed 100% Google email address verification accuracy. 

QuickEmailVerification works through a 10-step process, including catch-all email checkers, duplicate removal, role email checkers, and much more.  

 * 100% Google email address accuracyX Only business email addresses are eligible for free credits
* Very easy to use email verification toolX Not as advanced as some other email validation tools listed here
* Great free trial offer

Import your campaign list from GetResponse to QuickEmailVerification 

11. Clearout – Versatile Verification with High User Ratings

Clearout email verification software.

Are you looking for a versatile email verification tool that’s suitable for businesses of all sizes? Then consider Clearout.

It offers a user-friendly interface and various verification options, such as bulk verification, real-time verification through API integration, and verification at the point of capture.

Trusted by 40,000+ businesses worldwide (as per their website), Clearout has been recognized as a high-performer by G2, achieving a 4.9/5 score. If you’re looking to improve your email deliverability and email engagement, you’ll want to give them a try.

 * Integrates with all online forms and web pagesX Direct integration with limited platforms. Zapier for the rest.
 * Built-in email finding service with pre-verified leads
 * GDPR compliant, ISO & SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Integrate Clearout with GetResponse via Zapier

12. Neverbounce – Three-Pronged Approach for Optimal Deliverability


NeverBounce is an email verification and cleaning platform that ensures email deliverability with a three-pronged approach: 

Verify: Check that the emails you collected at a marketing event are legitimate and deliverable with the Verify platform. Or, integrate NeverBounce’s Verify platform into your website forms, lead pages, and more to make sure every email address is accurate before it makes its way into your database. 

Clean: Marketers can also use the Clean tool to upload a bulk email list to NeverBounce. The list will be automatically analyzed for free to help marketers know if it needs to be cleaned or not. To review and clean a large number of email addresses, utilize the Clean API to build email verification into your marketing flow. 

Sync: Sync is an automated list-cleaning tool. Connect NeverBounce to your CRM or email marketing service, and the software will review and clean up your list regularly.

Why it’s so important to have email validation and verification

Email is one of the most active and influential communication channels. And it can allow you to reach thousands of customers and clients simply and effectively. Unfortunately, not every email address collected is real or accurate. 

In fact, up to 30% of collected addresses are invalid—albeit mostly due to human error such as typos or misspellings. However, there are also plenty of email addresses that belong to scammers, phishers, or other netizens up to nefarious intentions. 

And that’s why email validation and verification is so important. Not only do these processes keep your email list clean and effective, but they also protect against fraud and other scams.  

How to choose the best email verification service

Choosing an email verification tool doesn’t have to be difficult. But too often, people select a tool that doesn’t meet the needs of their business or email list.  

That’s why we’ve provided some of the most important criteria to consider when selecting one of these services. 

Bulk email verification

Any email verification tool worth its salt has the ability to perform bulk email verification. This is exceptionally important for those who have massive email lists. If you can only verify and validate email addresses one at a time, you’re bound to miss fraudulent or unworthy emails.

Single email verification capabilities

However, it may be important to verify email addresses one at a time. We don’t always have the time for a full crawl of our email lists. But if your verification tool has the ability to single out specific email addresses, you can save time by eliminating malicious intent right when you see it. 

Realtime verification

Wouldn’t it be nice if your email verification tool caught invalid email addresses before they were even added to your list? Of course! Fortunately, many companies make this feature available through the use of intelligent APIs to prevent dirtying up your email list in the first place.

Speed and accuracy

This may go without saying but… You need an email validation program that can handle your email list with speed and accuracy. Don’t settle for anything less. Each missed invalid email is just one more potential scammer or a blemish on your server’s deliverability.  

Integration with your marketing platform 

Even the best tools can be rendered useless if they just don’t fit. If your chosen email verification tool doesn’t integrate with your marketing system, it’s not a good match for you.  

(If you’re a GetResponse user, all of the above companies integrate seamlessly.) 

Detailed reporting  

It’s always good to stay on top of things when it comes to your email list—whether that’s adding to it or filtering it out. Look for an email validation tool that has the capability to deliver detailed reports, so you never miss a change.  


Lastly, you need to consider your budget. Which platform is the most cost-effective for what you need? You don’t need to pay for an enterprise-level solution if your email list doesn’t require it. Aside from saving money with your email verification tool, you can also help increase your marketing budget by investing in an email marketing platform such as GetResponse.

You can get a feel for what the platform offers by signing up for a free trial that includes essential email marketing features, website builder, and landing pages. Thus, you can get access to premium features like marketing automation, web push notifications, webinars, or chats.

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