Google Ads

Collect more leads and gain new customers with AI-generated Google Ads

Create and manage your search ad campaigns with an easy-to-use creator enhanced with an OpenAI-powered generator.

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Advertise smart with Google Ads from GetResponse

With a simplified Google Ads creator, you can quickly create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns based on goal and advertise to audiences interested in your offer.

  • AI-powered ad creator

    Create high-converting ads faster with an OpenAI-powered ad content generator.

  • Precise targeting

    Create custom Ad Audiences based on your contact lists and segments.

  • More quality leads

    Collect leads directly from your ads with the Google Lead Extension.

  • Budget management

    Pay only for your campaigns’ results – clicks, form submissions, calls.

Grow your business with Google Ads

By partnering with Google, GetResponse empowers you to create, run, and manage your Google Ads
campaigns in a simplified, yet equally powerful way.

Bringing two platforms together

To start using Google Ads in GetResponse, all you have to do is connect the two platforms in a few simple steps. Once completed, you're all set to create your ads.


Enjoy the simplicity of Google Ads creator

Google Ads in GetResponse are designed to make the process of creation and management easy and approachable.

  • Easily choose an ad format that suits your needs
  • Add headlines and descriptions for your ads
  • Add the URL of the site your ad leads to

Boost your ads with AI technology

Create engaging ads faster and easier than ever thanks to an OpenAI integration.

Answer a few simple questions to define your campaign goal, and the AI Generator will create captivating headlines and descriptions for your ad.

Align ad targeting with your contact database

Create a custom Ad Audience based on your GetResponse contact lists and segments and target your Google Ads campaigns more precisely.


  • Exclude people you don't want to reach with a particular ad
  • Include contacts meeting specified conditions
  • Observe the audience for valuable insights

Put your business in front of the right people

People are looking for products and services like yours every day. Make it easy for them to find you, and bring more customers to your business.

  • Show your ad in specific locations for better targeting
  • Pick words or phrases that will match your ad with relevant search terms

Manage budget and dates from a convenient dashboard

You can control how long your ad should run and how much you’d like to spend daily on your ad.

  • Set your ads to start right away or schedule them for later
  • Keep an eye on their performance
  • Optimize your ads based on available data

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We are pleased to have GetResponse on board as a Google Partner. GetResponse has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise, and drive to help their customers build online success through Google Ads.

Ben Fawcett, The Head of channel sales for Google in Central Europe

Get more leads with Google Lead Ads Extension

Start collecting leads from the moment your customers engage with your Google Search Ads.

Collect vital info about your leads

Collect emails, names, and phone numbers.

Increase ad conversions

Enhance your ads with lead forms to collect valuable data.

Get sales quicker

Instantly follow up with your new leads using email marketing.

Optimize existing ads

Try different content, change daily budget or try adding lead forms.


Drive targeted traffic to your website

Send the traffic from your ads to your website or landing page, where you explain your offer to your prospects.

If you don't have a website yet, don't worry. You can easily create one using GetResponse's AI-driven, no-code Website Builder.


New to Google Ads?

Get up to $150 promotional credits after spending your first $150 with Google Ads.

Google will automatically match your spend for the first 30 days up to $150 (or currency equivalent) in your Google Ads account.

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Resources to get you started with Google Ads

GetResponse Google Ads explained

How can I start using Google Ads in GetResponse?
To start using Google Ads in GetResponse, you need to have an active Google Ads account with a credit card added to it. Once you have it set up, you need to connect it to GetResponse.

Connecting your account allows you to create Google Ads directly in GetResponse.
What's different about Google Ads creator in GetResponse?
The GetResponse's version of Google Ads offers you a simplified creator with the same powerful features. That means that you can create, run, and manage all your paid search ads in Google without ever leaving GetResponse.

All the creative process is happening in a single-view creator, where you can:
  • Create content for your ads
  • Select your target audience, their locations, and languages
  • Choose matching and relevant keywords
  • Manage campaign dates
  • Set up your advertising budget
  • What type of ads can I create in GetResponse?
    Inside GetResponse, you can create two types of search ads – Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads.

    Expanded Text Ads allows you to provide up to three headlines and two descriptions. You can use them to run your ad for 3-4 weeks to bring people to your site and start generating conversions.

    With Responsive Search Ads, you can provide multiple headlines and descriptions. Then, Google will use its AI to mix and match your ad content to find the version that gets the highest conversions and lowest cost per click. Use a responsive text ad to run your ad over a more extended period (6+ weeks).

    No matter which ad format you go for, you'll also be able to extend your ads by adding the lead form extension.
    What's Google Ads Lead Form Extension?
    Google Ads Lead Form Extension lets you collect user information from your potential clients with more ease.

    Without driving people onto your landing page, you can ask them to provide you their name, email address, and phone number. If they're currently logged into their Google account, the form will be prefilled automatically.

    Thanks to this, you can build your contacts list directly from Google and add prospects into your email drip campaign, workflow, or newsletter list instantly.

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