What are the footer requirements?

Every message sent through GetResponse automatically includes a footer. A footer is the last content part of the message that includes crucial information for your readers, such as the sender details.


The footer can be styled but cannot be removed. Some parts of the footer also cannot be deleted.

These parts are:

  • The unsubscribe link,
  • The link to change the contact details,
  • For customers based in USA and Canada, the full postal address.

The unsubscribe link automatically updates the mailing list to ensure that a subscriber that has opted out will not be sent any further mailings. Unsubscribed contacts are moved to the inactive list. If a contact changes their contact details, the changes will be automatically visible on the mailing list.

The language of your footer depends on the language of the list linked to your message. The full postal address shown in the footer also depends on the address included in your linked list settings.

How does the footer influence deliverability?

Including a footer in your message also influences your deliverability. To avoid being classified as spam by major Internet service providers (ISP), your newsletter needs to meet a number of legal requirements. One of them is including an unsubscribe link in the message as well as full postal address in some countries.
For more information on legal compliance, please check this article.

If your message wouldn’t include these details, your message can be considered spam. If your newsletter is considered spam, it immediately affects your deliverability and brand reputation, and it’s quite hard to win them back.

How to style the footer?

In order to style your footer:

  1. Navigate to the Message style properties.
  2. Expand the Footer section.
    footer settings.

In the footer styling section, you can change the following settings:

  • Text style: use it to have your footer in a different font, size and color. You can also choose to use bold, italics or underscore.
  • Alignment: you can set the footer alignment to the left, center or right.
  • Links color: choose the color in which you want the links to display.
  • Background color: set the color for the footer background. You can make it stand out in your message or set the same color as your message/section background.
  • Padding: set the space between the footer content and footer section borders.

Your footer can also be moved from the bottom of your emails to a different location in your message. To do that, hold this icon and drag the footer to where you want it.

footer drag and drop.