Can I use my draft or newsletter as an autoresponder?

You don’t have to create a completely new email every time you want to add a new autoresponder message. Instead, you can use one of your existing messages, such as drafts or newsletters. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Menu>>Autoresponders>>Create Autoresponder to get to the autoresponder editor.
  2. Once you configure settings such as the name of the message, cycle day and list, navigate to the Choose message option.
    location of the choose message option.
  3. Look through the Newsletter, Autoresponder and Draft tabs to locate the message you want to use. You can also use the search bar. Browse the messages using the left and right arrow icons.
    the choose existing message screen in autoresponder editor.

Note: Choosing another autoresponder message as a base for a new message doesn’t affect the original autoresponder. The system generates a copy based on its layout, so the original remains intact.

If you want to edit the autoresponder message which uses a newsletter, another autoresponder, or a draft as a base, make sure to edit the new autoresponder message rather than the original.

Tutorial Video