What is webinar title AI generator and how to use it?

The GetResponse webinar title AI generator is an easy way to create webinar titles based on the topic of your event and the field you work in. You may consider this solution, if you cannot come up with an eye-catching title for your webinar.

The feature is available during the first 30 days in free accounts and in all paid plans.

How to generate an AI webinar title?

  1. Go to Webinars and click Create webinar.
  2. Click Generate title with AI.
  1. Describe what your webinar is about and choose a suggested field you work in. Click Generate.
  1. After a while, the editor will suggest a few possible titles. Choose one from the list or click “Thanks, I’ll use my own”, if you prefer to use another title.
  1. Proceed to setting up your webinar.