What are the limitations when using free domain as From email?

Due to the new requirements from Gmail and Yahoo there is no possibility to deliver messages using From emails registered in public domains such as Yahoo and Gmail. Public domain email addresses cannot be added and used as a from email address.

If you already have such a domain added as a from email address:

  • the domain status will be Can’t be used
  • the From email will be replaced with a free one supported by GetResponse (in terms of authentication and alignment with new restrictions)
  • your sendings will be limited to 50 a day

If you have a free domain added to your account, we’ll automatically make a small change to your email address every time you send an email. All the changes are on our side, so you can keep using your free email domain and we’ll handle the rest.

Note: This will only apply to messages which are actively going out, and in cases where you haven’t added a compliant custom from email.

We’ll use the getresponsesend.com domain to do this, so that your From email will pass the DMARC and DKIM check. Replies from recipients will still go to your From address.

Here’s an example of what a From address could look like after replacement:


With GetResponse replacement:

We’ll notify you in the email creator if your From email requires such a change.

This is happening as we want to ensure good deliverability and domain reputation to your sendings. If you want to send from your custom From email, please change your free From address to one using a custom domain that is authenticated/signed with DKIM and DMARC. You can do it with GetResponse:

  • add From email in a custom domain owned by you – and authenticate it on your own
  • change the nameservers of your existing domain to GetResponse’s and create your email address – authentication is automatically completed on our end
  • buy a domain with GetResponse and create your email alias – authentication is automatically completed on our end

To ensure top deliverability and domain reputation we might need to limit your sendings to 50 a day. We will notify you about this in the email creator. If you want to send more, please change your From address to a custom domain which is authenticated/signed with DKIM and DMARC.