What are custom reports and how to use them?

Note: The content of this article refers to accounts that were created before 28.03.2022. Custom reports (reports that are sent automatically to your email) are available only in accounts that were created before 28.03.2022.

Accounts created after 28.03.2022 do not have access to the Custom reports feature.

Please note that it is possible to go to the Reports section and download a report manually. You can select the specific messages that the report should include as well as the date range that should be taken into account.

You can use reports to send statistical information directly to your inbox, at the frequency of your choice. They help you keep track of how your lists and messages perform over time, so that you can manage them more effectively.

What kinds of reports can I create?

Activity Report

This report shows the number of subscribers and unsubscribers for your list(s). The report also provides a summary of your newsletters’ and autoresponders’ performance (opens, clicks, and other metrics.) This report sends on a recurring basis, according to the frequency you choose.

Post-Delivery Report

This report is delivered in a set amount of time following the newsletter delivery to your subscribers and provides all performance metrics. This is a one-time report.

How do I create a report?

1. Begin from the Dashboard and select Reports.

2. From the Statistics page, select Custom reports > Create Report.

3. Enter a Report name and choose the list(s) you’d like to receive reports about.

report name and lists setting.

4. Choose the Report type. The options are Activity or Post-Delivery Report.

5. Select the file type for your report using the Attachments field. The options are XLS and/or CSV.

6. Choose which email address to send the report to. You can select one of your currently registered email addresses or select New Email Address.

report attachments and email setting.

7. Customize your email. You can include a custom email subject and description of your choice (optional.)

report customize email setting.

8. Choose the frequency of your report.

Note: For an Activity report, the frequency options are daily, weekly, or monthly.

report activity frequency.

For a Post-Delivery report, you will choose the amount of days following your newsletter that the report should wait to send.

report post delivery frequency.

9. Click Save to finish creating your report