How to integrate GetResponse with Amazon Payments?

Using Amazon Payments along with GetResponse allows you to gather your buyers information in a list in your GetResponse account. All customers who complete their order using the Amazon Pay Now button will be added to your GetResponse campaign.

All subscribers added via Amazon will be marked with the Custom Field “Origin” = “amazon_payments”. The opt-in settings for this integration are controlled via the subscription settings in the list linked to your imports. Learn more about editing the subscription settings in your list.

In order for the integration to work, you need:

  • Amazon FPS business merchant account.

Activating the integration

In your GetResponse account:

  1. Go to Integrations and API.
  2. Look for Amazon Payments and click Details.
  3. Click Generate list URL.
  4. Choose which list you want to connect with Amazon Payments.
  5. Click Generate.

Doing this will generate your Activation URL. Copy this link into your Amazon account. It is unique for your targeted list. You can configure imports for only one list at a time. To start adding contacts to another list, you need to stop imports and generate a link for another list.

Connecting to Amazon Payments

To create the connection:

  1. Login to your Amazon FPS business merchant account
  2. Click on Your Account > Edit My Account Settings > Manage Developer and Seller Preferences.
  3. Paste the GetResponse Activation URL in the Instant Payment Notification section.

Now you can move on to creating the Amazon Pay Now buttons.

Creating a button

In your Amazon FPS business merchant account:

  1. Go to Business tab >> Services >> Amazon Simple Pay – Standard
  2. Click on Create button.

When creating the button, make sure the input field „URL for Instant Payment
Notification“ is already filled out with the URL you have entered in your Amazon
account settings.

  1. Complete all the necessary sections.
  2. Select the preferred button type.

From now on you can send campaigns to your buyers, include them in
automation workflows, inform them about upcoming promotions or engage
them with your content.