How to exclude contacts from receiving my newsletter?

You choose to whom send the newsletter in the Recipients section of the newsletter creation page.

When excluding recipients, you’ll be able to:

  • choose between lists or select all lists
  • choose between segments or choose all.
  • choose between suppression lists or select all.

Before you start

Select recipients from your lists, segments, or select specific recipients from a list. Once you do this, you can start refining your list. If you need help with this, please see How do I choose newsletter recipients.

To exclude contacts from your newsletter recipient list:

1. Add your recipients by clicking Add recipients.
2. Confirm by clicking Add.

3. Click Exclude contacts from receiving your message?
4. Select if you’d like to exclude contacts based on lists, segments, or suppression list.

5. Select the checkbox next to the list/segment/suppression list and click Exclude.
Note: You can exclude lists, segments, and suppression lists at the same time.

Once you click exclude, you will see a total number of contacts to which the message will go in the Recipients section.

Legacy editor

1. Choose how you want to Exclude Recipients (choose one or more list, segments, or suppression list).

2. Click the down arrows to reveal your options. Then, select the lists you’d like to exclude (you can exclude your segments and/or suppression lists).

3. The Subscribers box at the bottom of the page tells you how many recipients are going to receive your message.

Note: If you select suppression lists only, the displayed number of recipients won’t change. However, the contacts who are in the suppression list will not receive your message. If you select both suppression lists and custom fields, the name will change for custom fields.

4. Once you’ve made your selection, click Next Step. This takes you to Message Summary in your newsletter editor. From there, you can schedule your newsletter.

Can I stop contacts from receiving all my messages?

It’s possible to stop contacts from receiving your messages, not just newsletters. For this, you need to create a blocklist with their email addresses. To learn how to do this, please go to How can I block emails and domains from my lists or account?

Formerly, blocklist was known as blacklist.