How to change a thank-you page and already-subscribed URL for a legacy form?

The following article is about legacy forms.

Legacy forms are no longer developed and are not available in accounts created after July 18, 2023.

Customize a thank-you page and an already-subscribed URL in the web form settings step. Click “Settings” at the top right corner of the form wizard.

Setting up a thank-you page

You can decide what your new contacts will see after they’ve clicked the subscribe button. Expand the list beside “Choose thank-you page” and select an option:

  • Custom to provide a URL to your thank-you page. Everyone who’s filled out the form will be taken to your custom thank-you page.
  • Default to take the subscribers to a default GetResponse thank-you page. Note: If you choose this option, be sure to edit this page in the Thank you tab of the form wizard before you save and publish the form.
  • Stay on page. If you choose this option, the form will reset. Everyone who’s just subscribed will stay on the page with the form. This means they won’t see any thank-you page.

Setting up an already-subscribed URL

You can choose what happens when a person tries to sign up again with the same email address. It’s important because it’s not possible to use the same address more than once to sign up to a list.

In the Already subscribed URL section, choose:

  • Stay on page if you want to keep people on the page displaying the form. They’ll see a notification letting them know the email address has already been used.
  • Custom and enter the URL for the page you want the already-subscribed contacts to see after they’ve clicked the subscribe button.