How to make a website more responsive for mobile devices?

The GetResponse Website Builder creates the mobile view for you automatically. Thanks to that, your website will be responsive on different screen ratios both for vertical and horizontal layouts.

You can influence the mobile view with the following options:

Hide on mobile devices

This option is available for each element on your website. Enable it to hide specific objects when your page is opened on a mobile device to make it simpler and faster.

You can find this option at the bottom of the object settings toolbar.

This option can be especially useful for hiding dividers and spacers in the mobile view.

Note: vertical dividers have this option enabled by default.

Scale to full-screen width on mobile

If enabled, this option makes your image or video full-width on mobile screens. Enabling it can maximize the use of small mobile screens while still allowing to arrange the desktop version alternatively.

Note: this option is only available for images and videos.

Mobile view optimizer

You can define the font sizes and paddings of your site for mobile devices. The desktop view won’t be affected by the changes.

To open the optimizer, click on the mobile icon on the right in the top toolbar and adjust the values on sliders.

Click on the Reset to default to set each section back to default.