How can I let my participants communicate with me during the webinar?

There are three main methods to manage and enable webinar interaction.

Webinar modes

By default, webinars begin in Listen only mode, meaning that all attendees are muted, and you cannot grant audio privileges to participants. This is how most webinars work: you present and attendees listen.

Alternatively, you can run the webinar in Discussion mode for up to 25 attendees. In this mode, all attendees are unmuted, and everyone can speak and hear each other. Attendees will be able to use their computer microphone to communicate with you and other participants. You can withdraw their voice privileges at any time during the webinar.

If you need to communicate privately with other presenters, you can switch the webinar to Presenters only mode. In this mode, presenters can communicate freely with other presenters, and only presenters see and hear each other. Other attendees must wait for the webinar to start or resume.


By default, webinars begin with open chat. Attendees can post comments that all participants can view. To avoid message flooding and keep chat on-topic, you can switch to moderated chat at any time.

To start moderated chat, click the chat extra settings icon and, from the menu, select Enable moderated chat. In this mode, attendees messages must be verified by the organizer or any presenter. The moderator can reject messages, edit them, or accept them as written.


Attendees can also send alerts by choosing icons from the status section. When they select an icon, it is placed beside their names on the attendee list. They can click:

  • Raise hand
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Speak louder
  • Speak softer
  • I need help