What's In A Name That Which We Call Technology?
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What's In A Name That Which We Call Technology?

You may have noticed that 2016 brought on quite a big change to our blog (click on this link for the inside scoop!) We went from one marketing-focused blog to three blogs dedicated to three different aspects of day-to-day work life. So, technology was an obvious contender.

As we work on catering to different readers and needs, we’ve realized that technology is just as broad a subject as marketing or productivity. From tech solutions to big data rock stars that you just have to follow, the topics are endless.

So, we wanted to know what programmers, developers, and tech enthusiasts thought about this very broad subject – which is why we took to Twitter. I've compiled a few of these tweets from tech's finest to bring you what I realized, learned, and decided to do about these thoughts:


What are you most excited for or most eager to work on in 2016?

@alexgamela brought up an important topic - ultra mobile, but we also appreciated the throwback, I mean, some kids already ask why we say "hang up the phone!", right? Pssst... @GlennCameronjr I'll let you in on a secret - we've got a post on IoT on the books.


And then came the improvements. As you saw, mobile is sweeping the world yet again and @edwardjiang7 knows it! The dawn of Apple Watches made us think about how developers will need to think not only of mobile but, well, watches too. So, look out for a post on that in the upcoming weeks. Now, 3D modeling and machining are things that have the potential to transform the way marketers present their offers. Wouldn't it be great if you could give someone an interactive preview that feels almost like the real thing? That's a quick sell if you ask me! Thanks for sharing @zanilic, I believe we'll be hearing more and more about these technologies.



Got any favorite tools or apps?

In all honesty there are some tools that everyone uses. I'm no developer but Slack is my favorite thing in the world and it seems that others appreciate it just as much (although I may not appreciate its awesomeness for the same reasons that these tech gurus do, unless they use it to communicate through GIFs).


Which is why following @scotteshapiro's and @DuLamont's list we think a round up of the best resources in fields ranging from communications, images, all the way to project hosting is in order. We listened, we noted, we will be writing a post with you in thought.


@Geek_Fred had even more to add and may I say - thanks for sharing! I followed your favorites and found that the kaleidoscope app is a life changer for editorial work. We also listened to @shayanjm - we'll do our best to find a great data-exploration tool and write about it 😉


English, do you speak it?

I do! But as far as coding languages go all I can say is - I wish! Looking over at responses from @_xV, @rasarab, @talweezy, @TheCHelms I figured I have a lot to read up on. But I also had a thought - what if we created a post about different coding languages, which ones are most popular, which ones are most used? What do you think - is that something worth exploring?



What would you like to read about?

At the end of the day we want to make sure that you get to read what you like. For example, we got a tweet from @dzyngiri saying that he'd love to read more about UI/UX (what about writing for UX - have you seen this post?) and Python:


And we do want to keep that in mind! We've got quite a few UI/UX enthusiasts that are eager to share their knowledge, so keep checking the blog, Akash.

This brings me to my question (also the header for this section):

What would you like to read about?

Share in the comments below, send us a tweet @getresponse, what's more - pitch us your idea and we could even publish your article on this very blog. By tech people for tech people - let's get the community in on this one!

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