8 Top Must-Know User Interface Trends of 2017


Are you thinking of creating a website that can help bring business to your company? Are you a web designer who must ensure a user-friendly web design for clients? You must be aware of new trends developing in the internet and user interface (UI) design world, which is changing fast as new design techniques and concepts evolve.

Many of the past trends have finally faded away. So, make sure that your website design is not too old. Visitors may find your website date and less useful. Modern users appreciate designs that understand user needs and provide information in a neat, clutter-free, and interactive manner. You can create such a site only when you have good team management skills. Build a team that is creative and works well together.

So, are you among the curious kinds who often look forward to mastering the trends of tomorrow and stay ahead of the trends? Want to know what’s in and what’s out in User Interface (UI) designs this year? If you’re nodding your head yes, say hello to the web and UI design trends of tomorrow!


1. Full-Screen Videos

You must have heard a lot of times, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Having full-screen videos is a great way of attracting your target audience. Videos communicate more efficiently with the people. Sight is the strongest of the five senses. It’s why we remember what we see. Therefore, we find more and more marketers using videos to communicate with the audience and keep them engaged. Videos is also a way of narrating the story to the public.  According to, including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.


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2. Long scrolling and long form content

As people become used to scrolling because they use smartphones for almost everything, more and more marketers are making use of this function of endless scrolling and long form content for all devices. Scrolling makes it easy for the site visitors to scan all the content in one motion rather than wasting time on clicking from one page to another. Scrolling makes the web experience incredibly convenient for the site visitor. According to content marketing expert Bill Widmer, businesses with a regular blog generate 126% more leads than those without. With more leads, you get more chances to sell. Therefore, tell the story of your brand or share any form of large content through scrolling. Here’s National Geographic, for example, creating an immersive and varied storytelling experience to keep their site visitors engaged:


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3. Gradients and vivid colors are the new black!

It was only a few years back when flat design became the hot trend that marketers and designers alike embraced. The idea of having a clean, uncluttered website was appreciated worldwide. However, as the time passed, the design became more and more familiar. And for attracting visitors, you need to stand out from the crowd. An article published in reveals that 85% of surveyed consumers state that color is the primary influencer of purchase decisions. The entry of vivid colors and gradients changed the game. The use of more bright and intensified colors started gaining momentum as it helped in defining the personality of a brand. Vivid colors and gradients at the background bring a dynamic energy to your website and offer something new to the people. Symodd’s introduction section features a full gradient background from orange to pink. Have a look!


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4. Illustrations will gain popularity

Illustrations on your websites give you a creative edge over your competitors. They show your audience that you are different from others in the industry. Showcasing a brand’s personality with traditional photography is hard. However, illustrations can make your websites look more attractive. An article published in Designhill reveals that a fair share of marketers and designers prefer illustrations over images in their landing page designs. Illustrations can make your website look sophisticated, but they can show the playful and fun side of your business. For example, Shape uses illustrations on its landing pages to catch the attention of its visitors’ right from the get-go.


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5. Breaking the grid, for reasons

Designers have used the grid for a while now. However, we would suggest you break the grid system on your website — but only with cause. Just think about how you can replace the network system with a more innovative and creative design. Something that leaves your site visitors star-struck and helps them navigate your website.  For example, the Epicurrence website has broken the grid and used their style and creativity to showcase their personality.


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6. Parallax

Parallax is getting incredibly popular! More designers are using parallax to their advantage and giving a new life to their otherwise hum-drum website. People like 3D as it is interactive and fun. Therefore, make sure that you design your site in a way that the site visitors see the parallax motion with every click of the mouse. If done in the right way, parallax can add a sense of personality and creativity to your website. It’ll help you easily spread the message of your brand to your visitors, information about your company, what it stands for, or your core values and vision.  Take a glance at one of Sony’s landing page that has used parallax scrolling and provides sufficient information about products.


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7. More cards

One of the biggest trends in web design these days is the use of cards. Big brands such as Google, Twitter, and even Pinterest have been using cards on their platforms to make the content more appealing to people. The most significant benefit of using cards is that that you can break your content into smaller chunks that are easy to navigate. These cards work well on all types of devices and screens. As the people’s attention spans become shorter, using cards will attract them more. However, make sure that essential branding elements and logo design are clearly visible. Have a look at this example of Netflix’s website that uses cards to explain about the movies and shows. It is visually appealing as well as engaging!


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8. Typography

Typography is no longer just a way of showcasing text. It plays a substantial role in enhancing a site’s overall appeal. It grabs users’ attention at the same time. According to, industry experts believe that big and bold fonts will mark a solid presence in the world of web design. A good typography provides an excellent reading experience to the site visitors.


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Last words

So, this is our big list of creative web and UI design trends of tomorrow. These are 8 good reasons to redesign your website for better outreach. These trends will help you stay ahead of trends and encourage visitors to stay longer on your site. While we think that all these pointers will have a great impact on how many people visit your site, don’t be disheartened if they don’t. Some of them may work for you, some may not. Trends come and go. The important part is to understand your users’ needs and behaviors – and design accordingly.

What do you think of these user interface trends for 2017? Do you see any others coming up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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