How To Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool For Business
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How To Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool For Business

Pinterest marketing is a fairly new concept even by social media standards. Pinterest’s growing popularity as a major social network, however, means that this pin board sharing social simply cannot be ignored as a powerful marketing avenue. Indeed, the very introduction of this new Analytics tool goes to show just how much marketers are using the site, and user demand is dictating a more thorough overview of how potential customers are interacting with your pins.

The original Analytics tool provided by Pinterest was quite limited in the data it generated. The information centred only around how users were interacting with the Pin It button on your website – Pins and Repins from your website, visitors to your website via Pinterest, most Repinned content and most clicked content. This provided some useful insights, but not nearly enough from which to form meaningful predictions and strategies.   The new Analytics feature does still give you all of this information, plus a lot more besides – including how users engage with your content beyond the Pin It button. Indeed, you can now find out what happens after users click away from your Pinterest profile, provided that all actions do indeed originate there. Pinterest users spend a lot of time curating content for their boards that do not necessarily originate from their own website, and the new Analytics tool gives you the complete low down on exactly what they’re up to, and how you can optimise and maximise your presence on Pinterest.

The New Pinterest Analytics


To access and make use of the new Pinterest Analytics tool, you must first have a Pinterest business account. One of the complaints of the old variant was that the information generated just simply wasn’t very easy to scrutinise – the data was somewhat confusingly presented, and was just generally quite difficult to use. That has all changed now and the new Pinterest Analytics dashboard makes understanding how fans are interacting with your content achievable at a glance.

The graphs and charts you’re presented with upon opening your dashboard are clear, concise, useful and very in depth. You can see very clearly exactly what your 50 most-clicked and 50 most Repinned Pins are, as well as your top 50 Pin impressions and your top 20 Pin Boards with top Pin impressions. You can also clearly view your top 20 boards with the most clicked and Repinned Pins.


There is also an All-Time section which is particularly useful for determining your power Pins (Pins which perform well across clicks, Repins and more). This data is excellent in determining which topics people are searching for – you need to be producing more of this type of content.

Your Followers

It’s not just a visual makeover that your dashboard has been given; you can now gain access to information on exactly what your fans are up to elsewhere on Pinterest. You can determine what other Pins your followers are interested in, what country they come from, what language they speak and their gender, and discover the most popular topics of Pins amongst their following.


On your dashboard, you have the option of filtering the data you’re presented with by either All Audiences or Your Followers. You are able to view and compare the sets of information quite readily – All Audiences highlights the entire Pinterest audience, whilst Your Followers focuses on your own followers only.

Both of these filters can be used in conjunction with the Demographics and Interests tabs. The Demographics tab shows you data concerning the audience’s location, gender and language. The Interests tab shows you exactly what people are looking for and talking about. By using the two filters, you can not only see how your content is overlapping (or not) with current trends in interests, but also exactly what your followers’ interests are, and so you can set about creating more content to match.


As any marketer will agree, having access to more data on who is choosing to follow you can only be a good thing. Not only does it mean that you can market your wares much more effectively on the site, but also focus on the specific products that are selling, and which you might want to reconsider before ordering another shipment.

The great thing is that any business registered on Pinterest can use the new tools for free. It’s an invaluable tool for businesses that are marketing on the platform, for it enables marketers to shape their businesses as determined by those who matter the most – followers, fans and customers. The improved layout and much better presentation of the data means that businesses are now much more equipped to justify the time they spend on the site, which is essentially what Pinterest wants.

An effective platform means satisfied users, and of course Pinterest wants as many of those as possible. So, get into your Pinterest data now and start planning your Pins for the future.

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