#Social Media Basics: Tweet Your Way to Success – How to Promote Content With Twitter
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#Social Media Basics: Tweet Your Way to Success – How to Promote Content With Twitter

Social web offers a range of places where you may find your clients and share your content. One of them is Twitter, with more than 500 million users around the world and over 140 million in the USA. Think of 84% of B2B marketers using Twitter – there’s no doubt getting a share from this pie is worth the effort.

Twitter lets customers follow your profile and get up-to-date info on your activity. Unlike Facebook posts, each tweet is published in every follower’s feed, so everyone can actually see the message you sent. This also means tweet’s life is short – feed changes rapidly – and frequent posting is essential.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool can help you raise brand awareness, engage customers and boost your SEO as each message will be indexed by Google. Here’s a hitchhiker’s guide to Twitter galaxy!

Don’t just stand in the corner

What’s the most important thing about using Twitter? Staying alive. I mean, active. Letting your customers follow your company profile won’t be enough. Social media is about mutual communication – don’t just talk, start from listening.

Search for the profiles of influential personas from your industry, the ones who inspire you or share content related to yours. “Who to follow” tab will help you find the best profiles.

Follow me

Twitter also has an handy option of users list connecting influencers in a given topic, e.g. Sree Sreenivasan’s Social Media Editors List (@sree) includes a group of specialists in social media marketing which are worth following.

Who to follow?

Check if the profiles you find with “Who to follow” tab are members or subscribers of any interesting lists. Then, search similar lists via Twitter search and follow the discussion. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? This quick tip can give you bunches of new followers!

Engage me

By getting engaged in the community, you also build engagement around your profile, as more and more users find out about your content, follow you and retweet your posts. The only thing you need to do is make yourself visible in the info stream. Make sure you post frequently and reply when necessary. Do I need to mention that content is king?

Retweet me

Another characteristic of Twitter conversation is retweeting – this way, you publish another user’s post in your feed. It’s a simple and effective way to draw the author’s attention to your profile and encourage to follow you.

If you regularly tweet exciting and unique content and it is retweeted by influencers in your branch, e.g. Ann Hadley @annhandley or Seth Godin @sethgodin when you’re into marketing, all their followers will find out about your brand.

Every character counts

What’s different about Twitter when compared to other social media websites? The messages (tweets) mustn’t be longer than 140 characters, including hashtags and mentions (I’ll explain it below). This means that apart from being excellent, your copy should be short. As Short As Possible is the new ASAP. How to apply this for your company’s web content? Here’s a quick manual how to compress.

Any content you like

Tweets can include links to any web content you wish to promote: texts, graphics, videos. You can also make a connection between your newsletter and Twitter to reach users who have not subscribed yet. Just add a link to an online version of your newsletter. This way more and more people find out about your offer!

To make a tweet, pick the bit you wish your customers remembered. It might be the title or a quote:

title: New A/B Testing Feature – Become Email Scientist in Seconds!

quote:  We’re introducing an effective and easy-to-use tool to help you master the science of creating the most appealing newsletters – it’s A/B Testing.

Even if your tweet doesn’t exceed 140 characters, it’s still worth checking if it can be compressed – the shorter and simpler, the better. Plus, you need space for the hashtags or mentions. Cut the redundant info or simply recompose the whole message:

New A/B Testing – science of email marketing easy as ABC.

Now when your tweet is compressed, you can add the content link. Use copy-paste and Twitter will cut your link.

Your content has a proper copy and link – it’s time to use Twitter’s magic wands, tagging and following.

#Hashtag and @mention make the tweet go round

In a nutshell, hashtags are the key expressions you can include in your tweet by adding a #hashtag before a specific word or phrase, e.g.: #implix, #getresponse, #emailmarketing. Note that the words in phrases don’t have space between them. Including a hashtag in your tweet, it will appear among search results on Twitter, so it makes your content easy to find.

Also, when you click the tagged word, Twitter redirects you to other tweets with a particular tag. This way, your content is cathegorized. What’s more, you can track other profiles publishing related content. Using particular hashtags lets you join discussions on various trending topics, e.g. #EmailTesting.

#Hashtags 101

At first, tagging might seem a little awkward, but these tips will help you get started.

  • Read other users’ tweets, as many of them are created spontaneously by Twitter community. Think of their emotional content – which ones could help the tweets reach your target?
  • Don’t use too many hashtags in one post, two is a safe number. #Too #many #hashtags #make #you #illegible.
  • Make sure your hashtag is relevant to the topic. You don’t want to confuse other users with the content you post!
  • You can use hashtags to promote trending topics, e.g. #ABtesting, #EmailOptimization.
  • Take part in Twitter chats to become the active member of Twitter community. Chats are specific tags, sometimes used on a given date and time, e.g. #b2bchat. Just search for a hashtag and join the conversation by adding it at the end of your post. There’s just one “but” – never promote or advertise your product directly, it’s against Twitter etiquette.

@Mention runs the conversation

Your tweets may also mention other Twitter members. You just need to put @ (at) before the followed username, e.g. @simongrabowski. This way the mentioned user can see your message in his/her feed, respond to it and follow you.

Mentions enable you to create a network of followers and access other publishers with your content – an opportunity you can’t miss.

This is what our tweet could look like with hashtags and mentions:

New A/B Testing – science of #EmailMarketing easy as ABC by @getresponse http://bit.ly/19zX7ax

As you can see, a mention @getresponse was added after the message. It’s a common practice on Twitter to put hashtags and mentions before or after the text – don’t be afraid to do it if it turns out impossible to include e.g. a trending topic in the text.

Are you ready to tweet your way to success? Or maybe you are already using Twitter to get the buzz around your content? Let us know!

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