Top 5 Web Form Design Best Practices


You probably know by now that the powerful new GetResponse Form Builder can work wonders for your business. This robust solution is not only a cutting-edge web form generator, but also can help with your list segmentation and subscription metrics.

One of the most frequently asked questions you sent in before the launch of Form Builder was: will I be able to design customized, eye-candy forms to grab the attention of my audience?

Our answer is: yes, that’s not only possible now, but easy to do. And today, I’d like to give you a BIG head start. With the assistance of my talented graphic design colleagues, we’ve put together the Top 5 Web Form Design best practices.

Are you concerned that your web form might be a little passé? Check out our recommendations and your sign up forms will be up to date with all the modern design trends!

Clean and simple rule

  • Avoid any extra and unnecessary sections in the web form layout. Focus on the essentials only.
  • Eliminate chaos. All elements must be symmetrical and spaced in perfect harmony.
  • Let your web form breathe. It’s the white space that’s responsible for the ”light” look and the clarity of content.



Fonts – sturdy and legible

  • The minimum font size should be no less than 11 pixels;
  • Put the most essential information in bold type;
  • Font color must stand out in contrast to its background.



Use large buttons for clear and colorful calls to action

  • 2-3 words per button should be the absolute maximum;
  • Choose the CTA button colors wisely (remember that red color warns users, green – encourages)
  • Utilize large fonts on buttons only. They should always outsize the fonts of input labels.



Color scheme – lively and eye-catching, yet warm and friendly

  • Align your colors with your brand logo and color scheme;
  • Avoid extremely loud and vivid colours;
  • Balance the total number of color tones. 5 is plenty, 10 is too much for one sign up form.



Employ pictures and graphics corresponding to your industry

  • One picture can speak a thousand words, so be thoughtful;
  • Choose only high-quality, neat-looking graphics;
  • Ensure that you are not violating copyrights by pasting the graphic to your sign up form.

These quick and easy recommendations from our design experts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to web form design.

However, you can rest assured they are all up-to-date and should be a great starter for those of you determined to beautify their web forms.

Finally, we’d like to offer a free critique of any forms you’ve created using the new GetResponse Form Generator. Please just post the links to your sign up forms in the blog Comments and we’ll send you your critique in a timely fashion.

As always, if you have any questions, I’m here with the Design Team to help you out!

Maciej is an Email Solutions Specialist for GetResponse, focused on optimizing email deliverability, improving conversion rates, and increasing email marketing ROI for our customers.

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