The World is Just Better With Gmail’s “Undo Send” Option
by Sara Kavanagh last updated on 0

The World is Just Better With Gmail’s “Undo Send” Option

Have you ever sent an important email to your boss and instead of signing off “best” you ended your mail with an ingenious “vest”? We’ve all been there, from spelling mistakes to forgetting an attachment, and Gmail finally heard our cries!

I can only imagine how many people a day cried out when they sent an email that just plain well, embarrassed them. And with each spelling mistake, horrible address mixup, forgotten attachment, and ridiculous autocorrect mishap, we have been heard.

Gmail has made our online world just that much easier! Setting up your “undo send” option is fairly easy as well! Just how easy? Two-step easy (well, three-step if you count save):

  1. In your inbox, find the gear on your right and click on “settings”
  2. Once you are taken to your settings, in the “general” tab scroll down until you see “Undo Send”
  3. Click and save!

Isn’t that better? No more facepalms and “my bad” emails! Enjoy the undo option!


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