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The best marketing newsletters you should subscribe to

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In the dynamic, ever-evolving world of marketing, staying current with trends, strategies, and industry news is crucial. To keep their fingers on the pulse of the marketing world, many professionals turn to newsletters. Compiled and curated by seasoned marketing experts, these newsletters distill the ocean of information into manageable, easily digestible sips of knowledge.

In this article, we will delve into the best marketing newsletters you should subscribe to today. These publications will not only provide you with a regular influx of marketing insights, but also offer tips and tricks, case studies, industry news, and much more. We’ve carefully curated this list, focusing on newsletters that deliver real value, avoid unnecessary spam, and consistently provide high-quality, actionable content.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the 25 best marketing newsletters that deserve a spot in your inbox!

The best digital marketing newsletters in no particular order

1. GetResponse

Yeah, that’s us, but hear us out. 

We understand your desire to grow, to innovate, and to leave a mark in your marketing niche. That’s why each bi-monthly issue is curated with you, the ambitious marketer, in mind. Imagine having the freshest, most engaging, and insightful marketing articles gathered and handed to you.

Each issue is a ticket to the front row seat of marketing evolution, ensuring you’re always equipped with the knowledge and insights to keep your marketing strategy one step ahead of the competition.

But it’s not just about staying informed. It’s about transformation and growth. The GetResponse newsletter is your personal marketing mentor, pushing you to experiment with new strategies, optimize your campaigns, and boost your marketing ROI.

Subscribe today to the GetResponse newsletter!
No fluff, only quality content.

2. The Keyword

The Keyword is a newsletter dedicated to the realm of digital marketing, providing you with a quick rundown of the latest developments from major digital platforms like Google, Meta, and TikTok, and their implications for your business. 

Launched by a veteran marketer who’s keen on keeping professionals updated on the essentials, it’s a no-nonsense resource that cuts through the noise to deliver what truly matters for everyday marketing work.

3. FounderPass

FounderPass is more than just a newsletter publisher; it’s a community of entrepreneurs and business owners. FounderPass aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

By subscribing to FounderPass, you can unlock over $1,000,000 in founder perks and discounts, with over 125 exclusive perks directly negotiated by the team. Trusted by thousands worldwide, FounderPass is a go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.

4. Growth Marketing Weekly

Growth Marketing Weekly is a free newsletter curated by Nicholas Scalice, a marketing consultant with over a decade of experience. It offers bite-sized, actionable strategies and interviews that are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Nicholas promises no spam, only useful content designed to help marketing professionals reach their goals.

Subscribing to Growth Marketing Weekly means getting the latest marketing news, tools, and insights in a short, weekly email. Nicholas combs through dozens of marketing news sources each week so you don’t have to, allowing you to stay updated with minimal effort.

Check out Nicholas Scalice’s amazing webinar on how to create high-converting landing pages that will surely boost your marketing ROI!

5. Wonder Tools Newsletter

Wonder Tools is a newsletter that curates useful new resources to enhance productivity and creativity in your professional life. Each weekly post presents a new selection of websites and resources designed to help you work more efficiently and creatively. The newsletter has a subscriber base exceeding 27,000, including journalists, teachers, creators, leaders, and curious explorers.

The information provided is quite practical, giving concise explanations on how to use a tool and for what purpose, backed with examples, screenshots, and real-life use-cases. 

6. Neil Patel’s Newsletter

The famous marketer Neil Patel provides unique, refreshing marketing tactics that you may not find elsewhere. Known for his expertise in digital marketing, Neil’s newsletters serve as a great resource for marketers seeking to stay ahead of the competition.

The newsletter is an ideal choice if you want to break away from repetitive information and explore new marketing strategies. With Neil’s proven marketing tips delivered to your inbox, you can be sure of gaining an edge in your marketing efforts.

Looking for more Neil Patel content? Check out his guide on how to scale your business with conversion funnels!

7. The Scott Max Newsletter

The Scott Max Newsletter focuses on sharing daily online business case studies and strategic advice to help readers make money online. The newsletter is primarily aimed at individuals who want to develop profitable websites, affiliate campaigns, newsletters, and ecommerce companies. Each week, subscribers receive a comprehensive analysis of a thriving online business, aimed at enabling them to build successful online ventures.

The Scott Max Newsletter offers a unique value proposition – learning from actionable case studies of successful online businesses. Rather than focusing solely on theory, the newsletter applies practical, real-world insights to guide subscribers in their quest for financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

8. The Growth Memo

Did someone say funnels? 

The Growth Memo covers various facets of marketing, including search engine marketing, paid ads, native ads, email marketing, and social media. Each week, subscribers receive a breakdown of a 7-8 figure funnel and the latest strategies that can help grow their business.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the marketing world, The Growth Memo offers insights derived from millions of data points, giving subscribers an edge in their marketing strategies.

9. Stacked Marketer

Stacked Marketer is a weekday newsletter offering a curated selection of digital marketing news, tech updates, and practical advice that can be read in less than seven minutes. The newsletter provides you with a free, daily dose of relevant industry information – and some spicy memes – in an easy-to-digest format.

It has built a loyal following of over 50,000 marketers who rely on it to keep up-to-date with trends, news, and actionable advice in the digital marketing space.

10. eMarketer Daily

eMarketer’s flagship newsletter delivers data and insight into the digital transformation of media and marketing. Data-driven and timely, eMarketer Daily is essential for decision-makers who need to keep up with the shifting media and marketing landscape.

Also includes eMarketer FYI – partner webinar announcements, whitepaper offers, best practices guides and research briefs.

11. Influencer Insights

Influencer Insights is the go-to resource for social media creators looking to expand their audience and online reach. It provides an array of strategies, current trends, and tactics tailored specifically for influencers. 

The brand behind it, Social Cat, is specialized in connecting small brands with micro-influencers, allowing businesses to run budget-friendly influencer marketing campaigns.

12. Growth Hacks Weekly

Are you a founder or a marketer? Then the Growth Hacks Weekly newsletter might just be what you’ve been looking for. Every Sunday, they send their subscribers a high-impact growth marketing hack that can be seamlessly integrated into their strategies. It’s not just about quantity, but the quality of these hacks that makes this newsletter stand out.

Its high-value content has not gone unnoticed. Forbes recently recognized Growth Hacks Weekly as a must-subscribe-to newsletter, cementing its status as a credible source for game-changing marketing strategies.

13. The Daily Carnage

The official newsletter of digital marketing agency, Carney. By subscribing, you will receive a handpicked collection of top-notch marketing material each day, ensuring you never miss out on the latest industry news, marketing tactics, or useful tools. 

With The Daily Carnage, you are signing up to become the most informed and therefore, the sharpest marketer in any room.

14. Demand Curve

The Demand Curve newsletter has earned a name for itself in the marketing world through its unwavering commitment to quality. It offers growth expertise that helps position products effectively to a vast network of marketers.

The Growth Newsletter is a valuable resource, especially for startups looking to grow. By sharing top strategies and tactics used by successful startups, it provides a roadmap for companies to follow on their growth journey. Demand Curve places emphasis on nurturing relationships over time, making it a holistic growth resource.

15. The Saturday Solopreneur

The Saturday Solopreneur is the ideal newsletter for every entrepreneur wanting to launch, grow, and monetize their internet businesses. Every Saturday morning, you will receive one actionable tip that you can read and act on in less than four minutes. Its high-quality content is concise, practical, and effective.

With a subscription base of over 150,000 entrepreneurs and creators, it’s evident that The Saturday Solopreneur has become an integral part of their weekly routine. It brings value and simplicity together, making it a must-have resource for entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

16. Psychology of Marketing

The Psychology of Marketing is a newsletter aimed at enhancing your marketing efforts by applying scientifically proven psychological principles.

From the psychology of color to the effects of social proof, the newsletter is an intriguing blend of marketing knowledge and scientific understanding. It provides an avenue for marketers and business owners to go beyond traditional marketing techniques, tapping into the rich vein of human psychology to better connect with their audience and boost their brand.

17. Marketing Examined

Marketing Examined is a suite of newsletters designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of growth marketing. It breaks down complex marketing topics into digestible, actionable case studies, presented weekly, akin to the Harvard Business Review but purely for marketing.

The collection includes five different newsletters: Marketing Examined, Social Examined, Landing Page Examined, Content Examined, and DTC Examined. Each explores a distinct facet of marketing, ranging from social media strategies and landing page optimization to content creation and Direct-to-Consumer tactics.

This thorough breakdown of the marketing landscape allows you to deep dive into your area of interest or get a holistic view by subscribing to all five.

18. Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples is a widely acclaimed marketing newsletter curated by Harry Dry, received every Monday by over 130,000 subscribers. Each issue contains three short examples, two copywriting tips, and one favorite tweet. Its simplicity, usefulness, and practicality are why marketers have voted it the “#1 marketing newsletter.”

19. VeryGoodCopy

VeryGoodCopy is a treasure trove of copywriting and content marketing knowledge, twice crowned the “Email Newsletter of the Year” by HackerNoon. Creator Eddie Shleyner shares “micro” essays designed to teach one persuasion principle or technique at a time. Over 50,000 subscribers eagerly await each new issue.

The subscription also grants immediate access to six popular “micro” courses & series, where you can learn everything from persuasive writing principles to insights from marketing legends like David Ogilvy and Drayton Bird. 

20. Email Marketing Tips

This LinkedIn newsletter by Chase Dimond, a $100M Ecommerce Email Marketer, shares weekly email marketing insights. 

Chase has an impressive track record, including scaling a product to 500,000 visitors in six months without traditional advertising, acquiring 500,000 subscribers in 10 months for a travel email newsletter with minimal ad spend, and generating significant revenues through growth marketing consulting services. 

The newsletter provides tips and strategies that draw from Chase’s extensive experience.

21. Convince and Convert

A bi-weekly newsletter from the Convince & Convert team, it covers content marketing, social media, customer experience, influencer marketing, research, and analytics. Aimed at keeping you on top of marketing trends, it provides insights, surprises, and summaries of what’s happening in the digital marketing space. 

This newsletter is considered among the most relevant emails for marketers and aims to offer the latest trends and insights in a concise, easy-to-digest format.

22. Everyone Hates Marketers

If you’re looking to distinguish yourself in the world of marketing, the Everyone Hates Marketers newsletter by Louis Grenier is a perfect choice. Delivered from Monday to Friday, each newsletter offers valuable lessons on how to stand out in a crowded market.

Louis Grenier, the founder of the popular contrarian marketing podcast Everyone Hates Marketers, is well-known for his candid and direct tone. His work has been widely acclaimed by marketers from various industries.

23. The Marketer’s Playbook

A newsletter for marketers that offers news, insights, strategies, and more to help you become a better marketer. It features a variety of topics such as how to create high-performing ads, understanding programmatic ads, and strategies for making your product obsolete to increase sales.

This independent publication only sends out emails when they have value to add, thus avoiding unnecessary spam. 

24. Zero to Marketing

Zero to Marketing is a unique newsletter where founder Andrea Bosoni shares a new website case study each month, explaining how he would grow it. With over a decade of marketing experience, Andrea’s insights provide valuable lessons for anyone interested in marketing or growth.

Subscribing to Zero to Marketing means getting regular inspiration and practical ideas for marketing early-stage startups. Each newsletter is a new opportunity to learn from an experienced marketer and to see marketing strategies applied in real-world scenarios.

25. Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is a newsletter that provides marketing and advertising professionals with the latest news, trends, and insights in the industry. The goal of Marketing Brew is to equip you with the information you need to excel in your marketing game, with updates on everything from branded podcasting to interconnected TV.

Final thoughts

Newsletters are an invaluable tool for marketers looking to stay ahead in the marketing industry. The ones listed above have been handpicked for their consistent delivery of insightful, practical, and engaging content. Each offers a unique lens into the marketing landscape, arming you with the knowledge, strategies, and marketing and advertising news that can drive your marketing success. 

Subscribing to these newsletters can significantly enhance your marketing strategy, spark new ideas, and keep you on top of the ever-changing marketing environment. By adding these to your inbox, you’re taking a proactive step in honing your craft, staying informed, and ultimately, becoming a more effective marketer.

Zilahy Máté
Zilahy Máté
Máté is a Content Partnerships Manager at GetResponse, where he manages relationships with content partners and develops new content initiatives that drive engagement and lead generation. In his role, he works closely with the marketing team to identify opportunities for collaboration and ensure that the company's content offerings align with its marketing strategy.