Sales Automation Magic By Reno Van Boven


Reno van Boven, founder of Yoonla, talks to us about his Sales Automation Magic. He outlines the lead and customer campaigns he uses in his business, and shows you how you can do the same.

Your automation system is key to nurturing leads in your business. Using it, you can provide enough free valuable content to turn a subscriber into a customer. Even if your subscriber isn’t ready to buy the first offer you present, that’s okay. Your automation system will continue to send more free offers. This helps you continue to engage with your subscribers. And still allows you to present an opportunity to convert them into customers.

Once a subscriber has converted, your automation system changes that person’s tagging to “customer.” The subscriber is now a customer, and starts receiving customer campaign emails.

A customer campaign has three main purposes:

  • Nurture your buyers. (This means customer care. Ensure they’re happy with their purchase. Offer help, answer questions, or handle other post-sale customer care issues.)
  • Present buyers with more offers to help them become repeat customers.
  • Ask for referrals.

All these can take different forms. If you ask questions as a part of a customer campaign, you can gain valuable insight into your customers. That insight helps you in creating more content and products.

A helpful point with sales automation magic: your follow-up sequences are pre-set. They can run in the background of your business, other than customer service issues. And, of course, fine tuning and/or creating new email content.

Learn exactly how Reno structures his lead and customer campaigns using marketing automation – watch our video!

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