New Mother’s Day Templates to Boost Your Sales
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New Mother’s Day Templates to Boost Your Sales

There are around 2 billion mothers in the world, and at least twice as many children. Each child is projected to spend an average of $126.20 on Mother’s day gifts, which adds up to a total $14.60 billion spent on Mother’s Day celebrations (source: Mother’s Day is also the second largest shopping holiday (source: Microsoft). So now is the time to compete for those dollars.

To make it, quick, easy and fun, the GetResponse designer team has created beautiful email templates. They’re available now in the new editor (Predesigned Templates: Seasonal) – ready to use, customize, hyperlink and send.

Together with your irresistible offer, they are sure to convince every recipient that your product is the perfect way to show their moms lots of love and care.

Reminders for Mother’s Day Marketing Success

Since the weekend is coming – now’s the time to take action. And with the tips below, you’ll be able to send a perfect Mother’s Day offer, boost your ROI, and earn your share of every dollar that will be spent.

  • Mother’s Day is NOT over when it’s over

Stats show that emails with a “Mother’s Day” subject line still receive quite high open rates a week after the holiday. This might be because adult children often buy at the last minute and celebrate with their Mothers afterwards, due to other responsibilities. So anytime around or after the second weekend of May is perfect for your Mother’s Day special offer.

Hint: It might be a good idea to address the recipients who didn’t open twice (easily done at GetResponse), and send a sequence of emails.

  • Delivery issues matter

Adult buyers are always busy and in a rush but have a considerable budget of disposable income to pay for the burden to be taken of their shoulders.

Hint: If you offer extensive delivery services – e.g. right to Mother’s door, delivery date guarantee, last minute shipping, even if at extra cost — your chances of winning customers rapidly increase.

  • Special offers are always welcome

Whether you want to reward the early buyers or the procrastinators, seize every opportunity to increase your sales, strengthen long-term customer relationships, and improve your brand image. One thing is certain: your competitor’s are taking the opportunity too. You’ve got to be really creative to stand out and attract your recipients in the sea of other offers.

Hint: Discounts, bonuses, extra free gifts and add-ons are perfect for this occasion.

  • Link back to the perfect gift

It’s worth creating a Mother’s Day special collection (even if it consists of your standard offer) to make it easier for customers to browse and make quick decisions.

Hint: Showcase bestsellers, gift suggestions and wish lists. Think about the traditional flowers, candies, jewelry and such, but also use historical data — e.g. last year bestsellers or competitor’s hits — and create the perfect gift gallery to facilitate buying decisions.

  • Segment the emotions

Of course you need to play on the emotional strings. However, be careful. Men are more inclined to buy if their gift demonstrates their status and are in general more inclined to spend a substantial amount of money for their moms as well as their wives (on the behalf of children). Women will buy if they’re certain that their present will show love, concern, emotional tie and commitment (source: Creston Limited).

Hint: Use the GetResponse Segmentation feature to create separate offers for special subgroups of your list.

Now it’s your turn to act: send the perfect Mother’s Day offer and enjoy higher sales and more satisfied customers.

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