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NEW: Inbound Sales Certification Program

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Have you taken any of our online courses in the GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification program? If you have, then your LinkedIn profile is probably boasting a brand new certificate, and headhunters keep sending you irresistible job offers. At least we hope so!

Today, we’re announcing the latest addition to the program: the new Inbound Sales certification course.

Here’s why you should be the first to take it!

Inbound sales, the ultimate lead generation machine

Inbound sales is all about creating a complete buyer journey experience. From email marketing and marketing automation, to webinars, SEO, and PPC, to social media, our experts will teach you how to build that one effective customer lifecycle strategy. So if you look for new ways to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers, look no further.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your ideal buyer profile.
  • Generate leads with multi-channel marketing.
  • Move qualified leads through the sales funnel.
  • Use CRM and emails to close sales.
  • Build retention programs to get more conversions.
Inbound Sales – Become a certified inbound sales expert

But that’s not all! To build this innovative program, we asked our best experts for help, including the GetResponse Head of SEO, Email Marketing and Content Marketing Managers, and an internationally recognized speaker, Jamie Turner.

Wait, Jamie Turner contributed to the program?

Yes! Jamie spent the past several decades showing clients such as AT&T, CNN, Coca-Cola and Holiday Inn how to get more “R” from their marketing ROI. He now works with small and medium businesses to improve the results of their campaigns. Plus, he helped us build the Inbound Sales program that’s tailored to their needs.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this course:

  • 10 teachers
  • 19 lessons
  • 146 minutes of training
  • 1 industry-recognized certificate

Why get certified?

A certificate proving you know how to plan, launch, and track highly-targeted lead generation campaigns is a valuable career asset that’s worth showing off. But you get more than that!

Once certified, you can showcase your services on the GetResponse Marketplace, entirely free. We’ll also invite you to our top secret community for certified experts who want to stay in touch.

Inbound Sales Certificate – GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification Program

So, ready to dive in?

Take the course and become a certified inbound sales expert today!