Making A Sale With Your Welcome Email


By some standards, you will have already done the hard part when someone signed up for your newsletter, thusly scoring you a conversion. Indeed, whereas once upon a time your email list was probably your only concern in your online marketing efforts, in this age of social media marketing, growing that list is harder than it’s ever been. 

The difficulty comes, of course, in actually getting your visitors or social followers to take that next step and fill in their email address, name, and other information. It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, but, when most online activity these days is conducted via a few clicks, getting your potential customers to dust off their keyboard and type in a few lines of their personal information is a little more than a lot of people can be bothered with.

You know all this, of course. Building your email list is difficult. When you’re giving away so much great free content through your blog and social media channels, it can be hard to convince users that they could possibly be getting anything more by signing up to your email.

But that’s the job in hand, and when you make a conversion and add another subscriber to your list, this is when you’ve got to pull out all the stops to go for the reconversion and making a sale.


Striking While The Iron’s Hot

As an online marketer, you have a huge opportunity to make a reconversion with your welcome email. According to the GetResponse Email Marketing Benchmarks report, welcome emails enjoy an average open rate of above 80%. And that, as any email marketer will tell you – and you can see for yourself in the report – is a much larger open rate than what the remainder of your email campaign will manage to generate.

The reasoning for this quite simple – people are expecting your welcome email after signing up. They are already engaging actively with your site and your brand. They like what you have to say and want to hear more of it. They’re in the ‘zone’, if you like. The iron is hot, and it’s time to strike.

The purpose of all of your marketing efforts is of course to make sales. And your brand new email subscribers have already just slipped about halfway down the sales funnel when they filled out their information and hit ‘enter’. You’ve got them sniffing around your ground bait, now it’s time to see if you can hook a fish.


Making A Sale With Your Welcome Email

A lot of marketers make the fatal mistake of simply using the welcome email as more as a confirmation email – that is, simply an automated message that is sent out to your new subscriber as a means of confirmation that the signup process was successful.

You will, of course, have been using a few tricks to get these people to sign up in the first place – perhaps the email will contain a link to a download or free eBook. But few marketers use this opportunity to reconvert and go for a sale.

This isn’t you, of course. You’re one of the smart ones. You’re using this opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot. And so, to help you, make the most of this opportunity, below are some handy tips and best practices to optimize your welcome emails for successful reconversions.


1. Encourage A Transaction

This is the simple one, but the most effective. Your new email subscribers should be rewarded with some money off one of your products. The trick here is to not aim too high by offering just a 5% discount on the most expensive item in your catalog. But rather a really meaningful discount – 50% – on one of your mid-range products.

Make this the clearest and boldest element to your welcome email. The confirmation information can be less prominent – you’re after a sale. Make your call to action (CTA) bold and clear, and communicate the value of the transaction as clearly as possible.


2. Give Them A Tour Of Your Website

Obviously, it will be tricky to hold your new subscribers’ hands and guide them through all the ins and outs of your (brilliant) website. But what you can do is create a short, cool, funky and explanatory video of how best to navigate around your site.

Show them how simple it is to place an order – and be smart with this. In the example, show the very best deals you have to offer, and they will feel like they can have them too in just a couple of short clicks. People don’t like to think, so do it for them.


3. Display Your Testimonials and Reviews

Don’t be shy. People trust product reviews by actual users far more than they do anything you as a marketer will have to say about the products that you’re trying to flog. That’s your job after all, and your new subscribers will not have been born yesterday.

So, flag up all the wonderful reviews and comments that have already been given about your products/services by other users. This user-generated content is the perfect weapon to use when trying to convince those who already like your product to fall in love with it.


4. Contact A Salesperson

Some people like talking to real people either via instant message or over the phone, and there’s no reason why your CTA should not be encouraging your new subscribers to contact a salesperson to find out more about you, your brand and the products that you have on offer. Remember, your new subscribers are still in the ‘you zone’. They’re feeling good about you and what you can offer them – so take the opportunity to capitalize on this and invite them to speak to the sales team.


How do you use welcome emails in your email marketing strategy?

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