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How to Stay Smart: 4 Ways to Keep Up With an Evolving World

5 min

If you work in the marketing, technology or Internet industries, one thing is sure: your day-to-day isn’t boring. Rapid advances in technology mean adapting on the fly is commonplace. That puts your days anywhere on the scale between entertaining and exhilarating.

But I know the other side of that coin is your day-to-day work life isn’t easy, either. In fact, it can be downright difficult.

The endless cycle of keeping updated on industry changes. The various strategy pivots based on recent news and trends. The constant need to convince bosses, stakeholders, and owners that even though everything is always changing, you still know what you’re doing.

It’s tough enough to handle a multi-channel marketing strategy on its own, but when you add advancing technologies that change the scope of your work, it sometimes seems impossible.

Don’t worry though; you are loved and appreciated. Especially by other marketers. So what better group of people to turn to for help and encouragement?

I love my job. If you got this far and nodded your head all the while, despite the hectic nature of marketing, you probably love your job too. To lighten your burden, I came up with four ways marketers can stay smart (and sane!) while trying to keep up with an evolving world.

Embrace the hustle.

While my introduction may sound like a complaint, that isn’t my intention. It’s an honest assessment of what it’s like for marketers in 2017, an age in which we’re all wondering if artificial intelligence (AI) is a friend or a foe.

The best way I know how to cope with the ebb and flow of the digital space is to embrace it. The realities of running marketing campaigns in a digital world are difficult, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Embracing and making peace with the daily hustle of a marketing professional is imperative for maintaining clarity, focus, and productivity. Look at every challenge as an opportunity to solve a problem. Use the satisfaction of solving problems as energy to move onto the next one.

Finally, stop and enjoy the perks as often as you can. Every job has them. Perks like getting to test new technology before it’s released (Google Glass) or using programs and apps most people have to pay for is pretty cool.

Attending conferences and events is another great way to have fun and let loose while also learning a thing or two that’ll make you a better marketer. Plus, nobody does swag like the Internet and tech industries!

Use technology.

The millennial generation of marketers don’t need this advice, but for everybody else, I suggest using more technology. I know it feels like you couldn’t possibly spend more time in front of a smartphone or computer, but that isn’t necessarily what I mean.

Using apps with a purpose – like increasing productivity or streamlining processes – is always a good idea, but so is unleashing the power of technology on other parts of your life. For example, you could install a Nest thermostat or an Amazon Echo to embrace smart home technology. There are even smart locks, doorbells and cameras available if you want to go that far into the future.

Using technology in your everyday life won’t directly make you a better marketer, but it should develop your understanding of the significant impact it can have. This knowledge, when applied to marketing campaigns, will prove invaluable in a future entirely dominated by technology.

Watch the horizon.

In keeping with the theme of the future, my next tip is to keep your eye on the horizon. The marketers who achieve the most success are the ones who have an uncanny ability to discern which trends and technologies are coming next. More importantly, these future-facing marketers understand how to adapt and pivot to oncoming changes, and as a result, they have an unstoppable competitive edge.

There’s no tried-and-true method for predicting the future. I don’t have any suggestions other than trial-and-error. Make a few predictions and see how you do. If you feel you’re onto something, implement small changes in your strategy before the market shifts, or a new trend occurs. If nothing else, looking to the horizon will have you more prepared than other marketers who aren’t thinking ahead.

Stay selective.

Last but not least, my most important method for keeping up with an evolving world is to stay selective. One of the hardest parts about marketing is tuning out all the noise. It comes from every corner and tries to rip you away from whatever you’re focused on.

Try this new app! Read about the new social platform that can launch your engagement to new heights! Google is updating its algorithm again; better double-check your content for bad links!

Sometimes, it’s too much.

But the thing is, a lot of the time, you don’t have to do anything except recognize the noise and tune it out. If you stay selective with the articles you read and the experts you listen to, you’ll have that much less to worry about.

Not every trend, blog article or technology is worth your time. Staying calm and remaining selective about what impacts your decisions to adapt strategies and campaigns will go a long way toward helping you keep up effectively.


In an age of overload, whether its information, stimulation or just way too much coffee, sometimes the most productive thing to do is scale back.

Technology is here to stay, and by its very nature, it will continue to evolve and improve. The key to keeping up with an evolving world is to surround yourself with technology and prepare for the future while remaining stubbornly selective about your choices.

What are some of the techniques you use for keeping pace with technology? Do you tune out the noise or are you a junky for news, trends and new technology?

I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to improve my process for staying updated so leave a note if you have a suggestion that might help!