Gmail just like Pinterest? Email revolution approaching…
by Mac Ossowski last updated on 0

Gmail just like Pinterest? Email revolution approaching…

What influences email open rates? Most of you will probably select email subject and recognizable from field as the main factors. It’s possible that soon you’ll have to add the email images to this list. Google is announcing beta tests of the new feature that will change the previously known Offers inbox layout into a Pinterest-like visual board. 

Controversial leader of innovation

In the last months, the Mountain View tycoon’s email service has been surprising its users with new solutions. Here’s a list of recent updates implemented on Gmail:

  • May 2013: inbox division into 3 folders: Main, Notifications, Offers;
  • December 2013: automatic display of newsletter images;
  • February 2014: easily accessed unsubscribe button for newsletter lists.

Google’s latest announcement about Offers beta testing shows that previous updates were nothing but thoroughly planned steps towards the general goal: the new quality of commercial email browsing.

Email inbox or picture gallery?

I’m sure you’ll agree that the current display of your newsletters in Gmail tabs doesn’t let your subscribers evaluate their contents before opening.

Brilliantly designed templates, impressive product visuals and perfectly polished call to action buttons will not have any effect before your client clicks the email to open it or scrolls the newsletter in the preview window.

At this point, I’ve got good news for you: Google engineers share your point of view and are currently testing a new solution that will let your subscribers make a decision to open a newsletter based on the images from its content.

What is this going to look like? The new Offers folder layout will resemble the visual boards on Pinterest and will give you much more possibilities to encourage your customers than the standard text layout including email subject and from field.

New Gmail display

Sending newsletters? Join the testers!

The updates in Offers folder display are undoubtedly a great option for anyone who sends newsletters. The consequences of these updates could possibly look like in the list below:

  • better chance of open rate optimization,
  • opportunity to encourage customers to browse your offer also through visuals,
  • a chance to communicate about your promotion or showing the product before the email is actually opened.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet which newsletter image will be displayed in the main view and whether Gmail will enable animated GIFs in this place. No matter what, it’s really worth signing up for free testing now.

We keep our fingers crossed for you and hope this update will be implemented quickly. Can’t wait to see your amazing newsletters in Gmail’s beautiful display!

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