GetResponse Earns Official Declaration of GDPR Compliance

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Your business can rest easy knowing that your – and your customer’s – data is safe, secure and actively protected.

Guaranteeing customer privacy is a must. Ensuring that customers can trust you with their data is essential to transparency, especially in an ever-evolving world of digital transactions, sign ups, forms, and interactions.

We at GetResponse take this quite seriously, and we have worked diligently to make sure that our customers, and the clients of our customers, can believe that their data is safe and not being misused or abused. We’ve always been GDPR-compliant, and now we have an independent auditor certifying we are doing so to the utmost of our capabilities.

We are extremely proud to announce that after thorough inspection and half a year of diligence, GetResponse is officially GDPR compliant as accredited by the world’s most respected and trusted independent auditor, Bureau Veritas.

Willing and able

It is no easy task for a business to become officially GDPR compliant. Because we understand how important it is to back up our words and show that you can trust what we do, we are following and adhering to every data protection law.

Becoming officially compliant is a voluntary process. The certification isn’t just a piece of paper, it requires providing an abundance of background information and involves a thorough external audit of the company, including interviews of our stakeholders and board members, and a comprehensive survey of our premises and security measures, to ensure that the company requesting official compliance declaration is truly a trust-worthy company.

This means you can pass the trust on to your customers and let them know you take data protection seriously and are willing to comply with today’s evolving legal landscape. Any data shared through the GetResponse platform will remain secure.

GDPR poses many challenges for companies negotiating customer contracts, and businesses that share their personal data with GetResponse need to be sure this data is safe.

Bureau Veritas is the world’s leading international inspection and certification company, based out of Paris, with expertise across industries in quality, safety, sustainability and enterprise risk. They have more than 200 years of experience in best practice procedures in developing their renowned and respected “Technical Standard Related to Personal Data Protection.”

So, what is GDPR anyway?

In case you are unfamiliar, or have just heard the term thrown about frequently, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and is meant to be a standard that is related to protecting the use and sharing of personal data.

It provides proof that the company complies with data protection laws while processing data, a standard that verifies the management and provision of personal data protection across the scope of the business.

To become officially compliant, a company must have rigorous procedures in place to manage sensitive data across digital and physical borders over numerous communication channels.

What it means for you

With this new accreditation, GetResponse assumes full liability for the data controlled and processed after demonstrating that we have processes, internal resources and skills to ensure optimal personal data protection.

This gives you, our customer and partner, increased market credibility and it protects your reputation. It will help build trust within your company as well as with your customers, providing due diligence for protecting data under the current laws.

The key benefits as illustrated by Bureau Veritas are:

  • Demonstrating compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Safeguarded reputation by protecting consumer data and preventing data breaches
  • Earning trust by taking a lifecycle approach to data management
  • Demonstrating digital responsibility
  • Inspiring confidence in your data handling processes

We believe that the benefits go beyond that, as we all see the ways data is strewn about the internet and the amount of data processing that is happening across the board these days.

Having peace of mind and trust in our relationship is important to us, as we know it is important to you.

Habeab Kurdi
Habeab Kurdi
Immersed in words and all things copy for 20+ years, Habeab is the in-house copywriting expert for GetResponse responsible for a wide breadth of projects. Beginning as an award-winning newspaper journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times and Austin American-Statesman, he has also worked as a social media manager, photographer, managing editor of a magazine, as well as getting his hands dirty in startup breweries, coffee roasting, and a gin distillery in his former home of Austin, Texas.