Flashback Friday April Fools 2015


There are only a few times a year when brands go above and beyond to bring their creative A-games to the table. And none of them are as irreverent as April Fool’s day. There’s nothing like a brand playing a mass prank on their customers.

We’re so excited for the 2016 April Fools pranks that we thought it would be fun to recap our favorites from 2015.


The Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks of 2015

1. CERN confirms the existence of The Force

CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) delighted Star Wars fans everywhere. They announced they had found evidence for the Force. Not just any force. The Force. Jedi Knights everywhere celebrated.

The best response to the CERN announcement:


But, NASA missed that opportunity for a hilarious April Fools collaboration. They chose not to prank anyone.


2. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum displays Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum made room to display Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Did you know that the jet can shape-shift between plane and jet mode? Yeah, me neither. But getting it into jet mode was key for this display. The best response came from Retired Wonder Woman herself:


Yes, I suppose it could get tricky to remember which hangar you used to park your invisible jet.


3. MS-DOS mobile from Microsoft

Microsoft went for the nostalgia angle. Lots of us are us old enough to remember life before Windows. when computers used MS-DOS, programmed in BASIC, and there was no such thing as GUI.

This was an April Fools joke, but it’s also a real app for download. So, if you want to relive your first computer game on your phone, it might be possible.


Me, too, man. Me, too.  It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue!


4. Samsung Galaxy S6Gourmet Mode 

For the food blogger in all of us, Samsung introduced Gourmet Mode to the camera on the GalaxyS6 product. When activated, Gourmet Mode transforms the photograph of any food into its most beautiful version. Every food photo looked delicious and worthy of the #foodporn Instagram hashtag.

This prank seemed to backfire somewhat. It resulted in more complaints about the Samsung product than laughs about gourmet mode. Try again next time, Samsung.



5. Google Fiber dial-up mode 

This one is another nostalgia piece, but also takes aim at our hyper-connected, always-on world. I’m old enough to remember the dial-up days. I remember how long the modem took to connect. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Oh, how times have changed! Now, I can see using that connection-in-progress time to grab a cup of tea, or to do another quick errand.

Based on the initial comments, users loved this prank. And, actually, some liked the idea, too. They requested even slower speeds for Dial-up 2.0, and a timed version to encourage kids to go outside to play.




6. Target Fanny Basket

Target had a lot of fun with their Fanny Basket. They launched it with a Buzzfeed article (they’re a brand partner) before putting the concept on their social media channels. Instagram viewers were particularly receptive to the Fanny Basket:


Although this was an April Fools Joke post, Target used it as an opportunity to promote their culture of innovation in a post on their corporate blog, A Bullseye View. They never miss an opportunity for self-promotion, as well as showing off creativity and humor.


7. Oreo Double Crunch 

Looking through Oreo’s social media feeds is enough to make anyone hungry! It rivals ‘Tasty” and its ilk for amazing sweets recipes. So for last year’s April Fools, they premiered their Double Crunch cookie. The Double Crunch was to act as a companion to its Double Stuff offering.

The general reaction to this cookie was… why isn’t this a thing already? Many were disappointed that it was a joke. Social media could serve as fertile testing ground for new cookie research.


Hey, Oreo…if you do make the Double Crunch a reality, please remember us vanilla-lovers and make a golden Oreo version, too. That’d be awesome.


8. Zappos #STFU 

Zappos is legendary for their customer service stories. They empower their employees to go the extra mile for customers. Last April Fool’s Day, they launched the Save Time For You service. Customer loyalty representatives would take over conversations the customers didn’t want to have. What, did you think STFU meant something else?

Zappos had a lot of fun with this one, and so did their customers. The response was positive, even when it didn’t originate on social media.



9. ThinkGeek Voltron Kitty Condo 

ThinkGeek always steps it up a notch for April Fool’s Day. They play several pranks on their fans – all them product-based – and then fans vote on their favorites. The pranks that get the most votes will become products that ThinkGeek sells.

April Fools’ 2015 had several options for prank products:

  • EnCounter Wearable Interactive Quest
  • Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet
  • Do It YourSelfie 360 Selfie Rig
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Collector’s Edition Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel Two-Pack
  • Power Wheels Desert Drifters
  • Voltron Cat Condo
  • Hodor Travel Buddy

Only the Hodor Travel Buddy was a genuine prank. All the others are available for sale on the ThinkGeek website. That whole campaign is genius marketing. And the occupants of the cat condo are pretty cute, too.


Yep, I’d like to see how the cats decide who gets to live in the head, too.


10. Mack Weldon downloadable underwear 

Downloadable, recyclable underwear, available with just a CTRLP on your keyboard. Hasn’t everyone known a guy who would wear these at some point in his life? Can’t you see this used during fraternity pledge season at universities across America.

They don’t look exactly comfortable… and then this happens:


It’s all fun and games until you get a paper cut in a bad spot. Ouch.


What was your favorite?

There were so many great pranks last year, we must have missed some that were brilliant. Tell us about them in the comments. What did we miss, and why was it great?

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