Brian Solis Webinar: Reaching Generation C
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Brian Solis Webinar: Reaching Generation C

How do you reach a generation that requires more connection than ever before? Can you twist and shape your marketing to connect? These are questions that should be on every CMO’s mind. But how do they answer them?

To be able to create valuable leads, meet your ROI projections, and create long lasting customer relationships, you need to think like they do. Reaching customers is no longer about placing a product in front of them. No, reaching a customer is about creating demand in a way that resonates with who they are, what they do, and HOW they are likely to look for that exact information. And usually, they find it in their phones.

From Mozart to Twitter

Every generation had it’s ‘it’ thing. A way of communicating how we feel and what we are doing. Obviously you can’t sell anything by going door to door playing Mozart on your 90s boombox, while wearing a gray suit. I mean, you could try, but it may not work.

There is digital disruption not only around us but also in our very own hands. With every tweet, snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook post we are entering the world of digital. Which is why digital marketing is a wave that you need to get on ASAP.

Breaking rules, creating engaging stories, forming memorable campaigns, going against the current only to stay within the range of – relevant. All these things feed into what we now call generation-c, connected. So how do we feed the digital marketing tsunami? How can you as a CMO create a marketing experience that will not create disruption but leads? These are questions that Brian Solis, along with Devon Wijesinghe, CEO at Insightpool, will answer.

Let Brian Solis Answer Your Questions

If you are a CMO, or a marketer that wants to not only stay relevant but also reach the right audience in the age of digital, join us for a webinar!

Join us on Thursday, June 18th at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) for a live webinar with Brian Solis and Devon Wijesinghe, CEO at Insightpool where they will discuss the shift that needs to take place in marketing and sales in order to gain the attention of Generation C, and share the secrets behind building relationships and influence on social media that drive results.

Brian-Solis-Head-Shot.jpgBrian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and also a futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. He is an avid keynote speaker and award-winning author who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation.

Register now to reserve your spot for the webinar and use the hashtag #SolisChat to ask Brian questions before the webinar.

If you can’t join us on June 18th, sign up to receive a recording by email after the event.

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