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GetResponse presents: AI Subject Line Generator and AI Email Generator [New Feature]

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Let’s face it – writing effective marketing emails is not always an easy task. We all know the struggle of spending hours just staring at the blank screen, waiting for inspiration to strike or rewriting the email copy over and over and over again, never being satisfied with the result. 

You know that your ideas are great, but sometimes the words just won’t come. You then spend hours upon hours each week to craft that perfect subject line, that enticing email, that high-converting CTA.  But what if there was a way to take the guesswork out of email writing, and free up valuable time and resources in the process?

I’m honored to announce a new solution that will revolutionize your email marketing: an AI Email Generator with a native AI Subject Line Generator. Both of these solutions are powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, letting you create high-converting emails and subject lines in seconds with a push of a button. 

Boost your email impact with AI-powered technology – explore our innovative AI Email Generator and watch your results soar!

OpenAI took the internet by storm when they released ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot built on GPT-3. But why did we decide to implement it into GetResponse? To answer this, let’s start with understanding how this AI tool actually works.

How does ChatGPT work?

If you were following the news in the past couple of months, you have probably heard of ChatGPT by now. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so on OpenAI’s official website or read our blog post where we interviewed ChatGPT.

In short, it’s a long-form question-answering AI tool that answers complex questions conversationally, and many think it’s one of the most important technological advancements in recent years.

But how does it work exactly? 

The large language model was pre-trained on massive amounts of information from the internet up until 2021, including sources like Reddit discussions, to help ChatGPT learn dialogue and attain a human style of responding. This process is called language modeling, and it allowed ChatGPT to develop an understanding of the structure of human language.

After pre-training, ChatGPT was fine-tuned on a specific task, such as question answering or chatbot dialogue generation. During fine-tuning, the model was trained on a smaller, task-specific dataset, allowing it to adapt its knowledge to the particular task. This involved using human feedback (a technique called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback) so that the AI learned what humans expected when they asked a question.

The result is a chatbot specifically trained to understand the human intent in a question and provide helpful, truthful, and harmless answers.

Putting it to the test

Did you know that ChatGPT can generate entire emails using AI technology? One great example to test the effectiveness of this technology is by asking for email subject line suggestions.

The program was trained on an unimaginably large data set, so it’s pretty good at creating catchy email subject lines. In a way, AI writing tools are better equipped to write email subject lines than us humans. It excels at analyzing vast amounts of data, extracting insights from that data, and then writing mathematically impactful email subject lines. 

That’s the theory, anyway. But how do these perform in real life? 

At first glance, they all seem to be in line with the best practices outlined in our Email Benchmarks Report. Still, I wanted to put these AI generated subject lines to the test, so I analyzed them with various online tools to get an idea about how effective they are in terms of conversions.

CoSchedule’s Headline Studio rated one of the AI generated subject lines at 79%.

Net Atlantic’s email subject analyzer gave another one 94 points from a hundred. gave one 100 out of a 100!

Meanwhile, the Advanced Marketing Institute’s online tool identified the Pamper your pet with 10% off at our store! subject line empathetic, likely bringing out strong positive emotional responses from recipients.

Not too bad! But if you need further proof that AI generated email subject lines work, look no further than GetResponse. 

In the words of our Director of Product Marketing, Abby Hehemann:

“There are many third-party tools available that can help with writing email copies or optimizing subject lines, but so far, there has been no true all-in-one solution. This meant juggling multiple tabs or paying for multiple services.

That’s why we have decided to develop a native solution powered by cutting-edge GPT-3 technology that seamlessly integrates into your email creation workflow.

We’ve been the AI Subject Line Generator’s very first BETA testers, using it to write high-converting subject lines for the GetResponse newsletters.”

Now that you know how this type of GPT-3 technology is able to create high-converting subject lines, it’s time to talk about how you can use it in GetResponse – without an OpenAI account!

GetResponse AI Subject Line Generator

The AI subject line generator is a user-friendly tool that helps you create engaging and attention-grabbing subject lines for your email campaigns. With just a few clicks, the tool generates multiple subject line options that can be customized to suit your business needs.

Editor’s note

The AI Subject Line Generator is available in all paid GetResponse plans.

To use the AI subject line generator, simply go to the Email Marketing section in your GetResponse account and click on Create Newsletter. Fill in the required fields, including the title of your message, your linked list, and your email addresses. Then, move on to the Subject Line section and click on the AI Subject Line Generator.

With some AI generators and tools you need to spend time creating the perfect prompt to get the results you’re after. With our solution you just enter a few keywords and identify your industry to get super relevant results. You can also choose whether or not to include an emoji in your subject line.

Once you’ve selected your preferences, click on the Generate button, and the AI will provide you with a list of potential subject lines that you can use for your message. You can click on the selected subject line to use it in your message and then further edit it as you wish, or choose to write your own subject line by clicking on “Thanks, I’ll use my own.”

If you want to create personalized emails, feel free to add merge tags to the generated copies to create unique subject lines for all of your subscribers.

The AI subject line generator is not limited to newsletters only, as you can also use it in autoresponders and automation messages. This means that you can create engaging subject lines for all your email campaigns with just a few clicks.

GetResponse AI Email Generator

Editor’s note

The AI email generator is now available for all GetResponse users for newsletter or autoresponder generation. Free accounts can use the feature three times within a 30-day period, while all paid accounts can use it without limitations.

If the AI Subject Line Generator wasn’t awesome enough, we are also about to launch our AI Email Generator. This powerful tool automatically creates customized emails (text, layout, images, color scheme) for your specific industry and goals, saving you time and improving your email performance.

To use the tool, go to the Email Marketing section in your GetResponse account and click on Create Newsletter. Then, select the Use an AI email creator option.

Next, provide a few keywords you want to use in your email. You can list a few keywords or even write a full sentence, it’s up to you. When that’s done, select the type of business you have from the dropdown.

By using the Advanced setings, you can further customize your email by providing your target audience and selecting the type of email. Do you want it to be an educational piece or a promotional offer? An announcement or a birthday greeting? The choice is yours!

Now, it’s time to select the tone of your email. Think about the content of your email and your audience – do you want to sound friendly and welcoming or formal and professional? Feel free to play around and experiment with different styles.

All that’s left to do is selecting your favorite layout and your color palette and clicking on “Generate”. It’s really that simple!

When your AI generated email is ready, you can make it your own with our email editor.

Want to see the AI Email Generator in action? Check out our webinar below:

Final thoughts

The future is here and AI is already disrupting email marketing. So embrace it and implement it into your marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competition!

Our new feature allows you to automatically create customized emails and subject lines for your specific industry and goals, saving you time and improving your email performance. Thus, the GetResponse AI Email & Subject Line Generator has the potential to change the email marketing game forever. 

Already have a GetResponse paid account? Log in now and get started with generating AI subject lines and keep your eyes peeled for our AI Email Generator coming very soon! 

No account yet? GetResponse offers an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution to help businesses grow, engage, and convert their audience with a powerful email, automation, and list growth platform. 

Create a free account today to take us for a test drive, and when you’re ready, upgrade to a paid account and get these powerful AI solutions and more! 

Zilahy Máté
Zilahy Máté
Máté is a Content Partnerships Manager at GetResponse, where he manages relationships with content partners and develops new content initiatives that drive engagement and lead generation. In his role, he works closely with the marketing team to identify opportunities for collaboration and ensure that the company's content offerings align with its marketing strategy.