7 Ways To Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

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Content has been the most effective way to promote anything on the internet and eventually make money out of it. This simply rests in the idea that people love being entertained and learning new stuff, and that they are ready to become a part of your story if content is effective enough.

However, lately, marketers started to come up with new ideas on how to use content. They started thinking outside of the box and the experiments with content brought about several new ways that it can be used in order to generate leads.

1) Create a free ebook

The power of ebooks is limitless because people seek to learn something new every day. If you successfully offer them a piece of your knowledge for free, they will be eager to participate in your marketing campaign and eventually become leads.

There’re several more things that you can achieve with an ebook:

  • You can educate the people and tell them more about your product
  • You can teach them something from the area in which your product is used
  • You can increase sales if the ebook is really good and can really communicate to the target audience

Ebooks aren’t the only type of content you offer in exchange for your users’ email addresses. This article lists over 25 lead magnet and opt-in incentive ideas you could use in your lead generation campaigns.

2) Create content that your target audience can easily share

Every article written on your website should be conceptualized in such a way to make the people share it on social media. First of all, you should always have shortcut buttons that will automatically share to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Secondly, the content of your article should be enough to make the reader think that the article is worth sharing. There’re, of course, ways to affect the reader emotionally, which means that they’re even more likely to share something.

Sharing is the only way to increase leads in a very short period of time, because it’s direct and people are more likely to discuss the shared content.

3) Promote your content

Creating an article and just letting it be is the wrong way to treat it and won’t result in many leads. In fact, one should focus on promoting the content from their website and getting sure that it reached out to the possible target audience. There’re many ways to do that.

The most common way is paid ads on social media. Sometimes, it’s better to pay and promote a single article than paying writers to write ten articles which won’t be promoted.

In other words, once you have the notion of how big your budget is, you should plan a certain amount for promotion and realize that in order to generate leads via content, you must, first of all, promote that content.


4) Create content that will keep the reader occupied and interested in your product

If your whole website pours its purpose into a single article, you’re not likely to have the visitors stay and eventually become leads. This is why you should organize content in such a manner in which you will casually make the visitor click more links that will eventually guide them to your final destination – buying a product or generating a lead.

It takes a really good writer to make great content which will have such a psychological effect on the visitor. However, linking, and the whole concept of the website, should be organized in such a way to make it pleasant and entertaining for the visitor.

5) Be active on social media

Creating content also includes an activity on social media. Now, we aren’t talking of the paid ads that were mentioned before, but about actual activity – posting, sharing, liking and communicating.

If you’re creative enough (or you hire someone who is creative enough) to come up with interesting Tweets and post them via your business’ official Twitter page, you’ll likely generate more leads. This can be considered as an important and necessary step that all serious businesses should have, in order to generate more leads.

Another important aspect of social media is direct communication with potential leads. People will constantly ask you something through social media and you’ll be able to directly and possibly privately respond to their inquiries.

6) Guest blogging

Creating high-quality content that will generate leads sometimes doesn’t make sense if you publish that content on your own blog that still no-one reads. This is why guest blogging exists and this is why you should find a highly respectable website that is connected to your business and allows guest blogging.

This way, you’ll be able to reach out to the people who respect that website and trust its articles and, eventually, you’ll convert them into leads. Of course, guest blogging is a highly sensitive job and requires you to respect all the rules that the host website has provided.

7) Experiment with other forms of content

We already mentioned a free ebook that can be useful, but what about creating a quiz? Quizzes can be very entertaining and people in general love doing quizzes. Now, if you find someone who can manage to create a quiz that will both inform about your business and possibly result in leads, you’re on the right path.

Another interesting form that can be used is a video. You can create an interesting and informative video that will capture the attention of the visitors and generate leads eventually. However, creating a high-quality video can sometimes cost a lot and unless you have the budget to make it, don’t try anything by yourself.

Summing up

To sum up, these were some of the ideas that can help you with generating leads through content marketing as part of your marketing funnel. Of course, not all the ideas may be suitable for your business but some of them might be just right. As long as you respect the basic rules of the content marketing and produce content that’s both entertaining and can tell us something we didn’t already know, you’ll be just fine.

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