5 Strategies for Capturing the Thanksgiving Market with your Email Campaigns
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5 Strategies for Capturing the Thanksgiving Market with your Email Campaigns

Opportunity is in the air. Can you smell it? It’s not the turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie we can’t wait to consume on Thanksgiving. It’s the smell of opportunity for businesses who strategically know how to leverage their holiday email marketing campaigns to produce the greatest returns during the holiday season.

A recent Experian survey polled 200 marketers about their holiday marketing plans. Email comprised one of the top two holiday marketing strategies with 55 percent of the surveyed brands stating they would use email marketing this season.

If you know how to “play the game,” the holidays can become a lucrative time for your brand to boost traffic, sales, and overall profits.

What are your Thanksgiving email marketing strategies? Need inspiration? Here are some ideas!

Holiday Greetings

Whether you are a B2B or B2C establishment, one way to show appreciation for your clients and customers is to send a special Thanksgiving greeting.

Consider a relevant greeting wishing recipients fun and good cheer during their Thanksgiving holiday. Even if you normally send blank emails or text, opt for a special holiday theme this year to stand out among the many emails your recipients will most likely receive.

To increase open rates, use a symbol in your subject line. I recommend using symbols in subject lines, as long as you do not abuse them. Thanksgiving may be the ideal time to give these symbols a try.

Here is a snippet of my Gmail Promotions tab. Notice what headline pops out from the rest.

Symbols in subject line

In a sea of promotional emails, a few symbols may be just the ticket to increase those open rates in time for the holiday season.

Increase Traffic and Boost Sales

Use your Thanksgiving messages to compel people to visit your website. Once on your website, list content that appeals to your target audience. Here is a clever example…

Bed Bath & Beyond called their Thanksgiving email series, the “Turkey Issue.”

Bed Bath and Beyond

In it, the company offered partial descriptions of Thanksgiving recipes and directed customers back to their website to read the full recipes. On the website pages, Bed Bath & Beyond advertised the pans and tools customers could use to perfect the recipes.

Bed Bath and Beyond

This is a great way to offer your products in a non-obtrusive way and boost traffic to your website.

Gifts and Offers

Do you sell tableware? Food items? Décor?

If your products tie into the Thanksgiving holiday, create special offers to boost sales.

Williams Sonoma capitalized on the festive nature of the holiday season and offered a 20% discount for holiday preparation items.


What if your products/services do not directly relate to Thanksgiving? What if you are in the B2B market?

Consider free gifts that will help your audience sell more—eBooks, whitepapers, designs, content, or any piece of content that will help your clients and make their lives easier. Give them a reason to give thanks!

Here are some ideas:

  • Website graphics
  • Email templates
  • Services (related to your business)
  • Written content templates
  • Tools (schedulers, social calendars, etc.)
  • Subscriptions (Subscription-based companies can offer discounts on one month of service)

For the holidays, Sparkol Videoscribe is offering potential subscribers 14 months of service for the price of 12. This is a strategy that will compel people who were previously undecided to take the plunge and subscribe before the sale ends.

Sparkol Videoscribe

It’s Gift-Giving Time!

We all know that the moment our turkey-filled mouths close on Thanksgiving, our wallets open in preparation for gift giving. In a Thanksgiving survey, Accenture found that 38 percent of consumers are likely to shop on Thanksgiving Day.

Prepare for your Thanksgiving email campaigns by reminding the majority of your customers about your products and get them thinking about YOU once the gift-giving frenzy starts on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Remind Your Customers

Remind your gift-purchasing customers from last year that you appreciate their business. Offer a discount or promotion like 25% off or free shipping.

Gift-giving season start

If you run a brick-and-mortar store, offer incentives for customers to return to the store. Think about gifts in the form of discounts, holiday specials, free items, buy-one-get-one offers, and bulk discounts. Don’t forget to advertise these offers on your social profiles and offer similar incentives for check-ins.

Run a Contest

Though contests aren’t a direct form of advertising, they indirectly lead to increased sales. Contests not only build email lists, but they also allow businesses to re-engage customers/clients and build their brands through word-of-mouth marketing.

Crowdtap polled 1,400 male and female shoppers and asked, “What type of holiday content would you most likely share on Facebook?” A whopping 63.4 percent answered they would link to a holiday contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway.

Package your contest prize as something your customer can give away as a gift during the holidays. Or, if you are a B2B establishment, offer a prize that will help your clients engage their customers more this holiday season.

Example: You run a web design agency that services small businesses. Your prize could be a high-converting, holiday-themed landing page that will help your clients increase subscribers and capitalize on increased traffic during the holiday rush.


Jumpstart your holiday profits with one of these Thanksgiving email marketing strategies. The holidays are the perfect time of the year to capitalize on the general cheer of the season.

Do you have any other creative and inspiring holiday marketing strategies? Please share with our readers in the comments!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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