5 Great Ways To Stand Out on Pinterest

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I’m a big fan of Pinterest. Not only as a social media marketer, but as a general user, too. It’s the site that I turn to for inspiration when I’m in the (possibly low) mood for a bit of retail therapy. As a social network, there is one thing that Pinterest absolutely nails – appearance.

Even if I’m not feeling particularly flush with cash at that precise moment, doing a bit of window-shopping on Pinterest and adding to my “Wish Pins” board is still a past time that will always lift my spirits.

And of course I’m not alone.

As well as being known as one of the most visually appealing social networks on the web, Pinterest has also gained itself a reputation for having the greatest marketing potential as well – and of course these two things go hand in hand.

Marketing Potential

If you’re a social media marketer, then you need to be appealing to people like me on Pinterest who are spending an awful lot of time on the site, browsing around all the wonderful pictures looking for things that we would like to buy.

And, as I say, there are quite a lot of us.

Pinterest has about 80 million users, and, according to a very informative infographic from Wishpond, about 70% of them use the site in order to gain inspiration on what they may like to buy.

If we compare that figure to Facebook, which only manages to enthuse 17% of its users to do the same, then you might start to wonder why you’re putting so much marketing effort into our favourite blue-bordered network rather than our favourite red-bordered one.

Well, of course, Facebook has been around for a lot longer, and enjoys many, many, many, many more users (1.39 billion the last time I counted), so, your Facebook marketing strategy will undoubtedly be in full swing, you will be experienced in the site, both as a market and as a user, and, as for brand awareness, then arguably Facebook still reigns supreme.

Pinterest, by comparison, even though it’s been around for nearly 5 years now, still somehow feels a bit like the new kid on the block, and, as such, a lot of marketers are still finding their feet as to what is the best way to exploit the site to its full marketing potential.

But it’s important – a study by RichRelevance found that Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $169, compared to those on Facebook who spend just $95, with Twitter even lower at $70. This makes it arguably the most important social network platform on which you should be marketing your products.

So, in order to help you along your way and start to tap into all the bursting wallets of all those happy pinners like me out there, I’ve put together 5 great tips to help you stand out on Pinterest.

1. Make Your Pinterest Account Visible To Search Engines

This is an extremely important point. I put it first not because it will make your pins stand out more than all the rest on a user’s feed – it won’t – but because if you don’t perform this very simple but significant function, then you will be hiding your pin boards will only be visible from Pinterest itself, and in fact hidden from the rest of the web.

There is a switch that you need to flick on your account settings to make sure that your boards can be found by search engines like Google, and not just by Pinterest’s own search engine.

So, before you put into action any of the further tips on this list, you first need to login to your Pinterest, head to your account settings and look for a field entitled “Search Privacy”. Make sure that the adjacent switch is set to “NO”. Now your pinboards are discoverable to search engines across the web. Phew.

2. Start Making Use Of Image Tools And Turn Your Pics Pro

Pinterest is a visual platform. If you take nothing else from this post, then please let it be that. And so, in order to stand out on Pinterest, then it is to the quality of your images that you must focus your attention.

As might be suspected, a number of tools have been spawned to help businesses turn their pins into dazzling visual spectacles, and you should really start playing around with these if you want your pins and produce to get noticed first amongst all the rest.

The first is PicMonkey, which is a great tool which allows you to brush up, crop and add filters to your photos, but also includes some rather nifty features such as the ability to allow you to create image quotes (say, from any positive PR or customer testimonials that you might have amalgamated), resize your images, and overlay photographs with text.

Image quotes are very popular on Pinterest. Indeed they attract a lot of clicks, and if you can display some impressive statistics using a colourful image quote then you’ve got a great pin ready to shared far and wide. As such, I recommend ShareAsImage to help you do this – and the real cool part is that it allows to share the image that you create directly onto Pinterest (and all of your other social media outlets as well).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3. Infographics

Infographics are still very much in, and they have pretty much found their perfect home on Pinterest. Typically tall and slender, they slot into Pinterest’s news feed as if they were born for the job.

Infographics are great because they very neatly combine information, entertainment and aesthetics in a bite-sized grab-and-go way. If you haven’t yet started utilizing infographics as part of your social marketing repertoire, then you really need to do so right away, and your Pinterest board will start attracting a lot more attention.

4. Keep Your Most Popular Pinboards Above The Fold

Designing above and below the fold is something that is usually the reserve of specialised web designers. But, you must treat your Pinterest page as if it were another website.

So, when organising your pinboards, make sure that you put your most popular ones on the top. They will be popular for a reason, and so trust your existing users on this, and make sure that these boards are exposed first to the rest of Pinterest as well.

5. Keywords are… KEY!!

As covered in the first point, you want your Pinterest boards, pages and pins to be discoverable. And so, now that you have altered your privacy settings to make your site returnable to search engines, you now want to make sure that you are paying attention to some SEO tips and tricks.

And of course, whenever we talk about SEO, then sooner or later we have to get into keywords.

A strategic use of keywords on Pinterest works in much the same way as keywords on any other site. The trick comes in trying to predict what your potential customers will be typing into the search field when trying to find a product or service like yours. Naturally, you will find that you come up against a lot of competition if you use very common keywords, so try and think out of the box a little bit as well, as this will help your chances of successful SEO even further.

What tricks do you use to stand out on Pinterest? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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