3 Brilliant Thanksgiving Campaigns To Give Thanks For


Turkey Day is just around the corner, and that means that there will soon be (in fact, there already are) lots of brands jumping on the holiday season bandwagon. If you haven’t started planning your special Thanksgiving marketing campaign yet, then there’s not a moment to lose! Check out our newest guide to Holiday Marketing Campaigns and continue reading this article.

Thanksgiving is all about families, good times and celebration of what we are all thankful for in our lives. It’s about big feasts, generous gifts and lots and lots merriment, joy and love – it almost sounds like Christmas. And so, with all the good will and benevolence in the air, it’s important that you, as a brand, pitch your campaign just right – and that means you will have to (at least appear) be extremely generous with your Thanksgiving promotions.

Black Friday comes right after Thanksgiving Day, so people are already beginning to prepare themselves for a big spending session and are on the lookout for some engaging ideas to kick things off. Let’s none of us disappoint them.


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Some businesses out there are practically made for the holiday season. Anything foody, boozy, crafty or decorative can very easily churn off an annual holiday recipe, cocktail or decoration to get their followers into the swing of things. And if this is you, then great!! You’ve got half a campaign already sewn up. But for the rest of us whose products or services don’t quite fit the bill so conveniently, then we’ve got to dig deep into our creative repertoires and pull something out of the bag.

Now, anyone who follows my blog on this site will know that my usual approach is to give a detailed list of tips and/or pointers as to what you can and should be doing to make your marketing efforts work triple hard. But this week I’m coming at it slightly differently. The wilier amongst you will have noticed that this is still a list post – but, instead of giving you a battle plan, I’ve rounded up some great examples of Thanksgiving campaigns, where brands are absolutely nailing the holiday promotion hands down. Sometimes it’s inspiration that we’re after, and it’s never a bad idea to pinch a few ideas off those who are doing something well. As my colleague John is fond of saying: “Good marketers copy; great marketers steal.” Let’s just remember to give thanks for it!


3 Brilliant Thanksgiving Campaigns To Give Thanks For

1. Encourage Philanthropy With A Twitter Giveaway

As I have mentioned, Thanksgiving is the time for celebrating the generous side of human nature. And so, along with exemplifying your brand’s own good will by giving away something for free, it will make your following feel really good about themselves if you can encourage them to do the same. And that’s exactly what Third Man Records are doing this year:


Here’s their Thanksgiving campaign in full detail:

“The Nashville Rescue Mission is dedicated to helping the hungry, homeless and hurting, and we are so honored to have such great neighbors. We’ve done turkey drives the past two seasons to help the Mission collect the 1,000 turkeys and foodstuffs required to throw their annual banquet, and we’d like to solidify the tradition of giving back with your help.

“Here’s the deal: Anytime in the next two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, drop off your donation (from the options below) to the Nashville Rescue Mission (You can find their donation center at 616 7th Avenue South, across the street from TMR headquarters, and entry by the American flag). They are open. Bring your donation receipt to the Third Man storefront and immediately receive 10% off your purchase PLUS be entered to win our big Thanksgiving Prize Pack.”

I think you’ll agree that this is absolutely inspiring in more ways than one.


2. Piggy Back A Turkey On Instagram

You don’t have to organise charity collections to show your generosity at Thanksgiving – sometimes a super-generous giveaway to your followers is enough. What is more, if you can work a turkey into your campaign, then so much the better – and a little humour is pretty much essential in this instance. Here’s what Stella & Dot has come up with on Instagram:


Really, this is an early Christmas campaign posing as a Thanksgiving one. The suggestion is that whilst you’ve got all your family around for Thanksgiving, why not get them to give you a Christmas wish list – and Stella & Dot will send you a special order form to do so, and you get lots of money off. This is especially good because the $500 minimum makes sure that it’s a premium order.

However, if we are to be a little bit picky here, the deal is not 100% clear with this image, which is a shame. It takes you a minute to read the copy that accompanies the image, and then work it out from there. Stella & Dot could do with sorting this out, otherwise they risk losing the interest of potential customers before they’ve even worked out what the deal is. So just be careful of this with your own Instagram campaigns.


3. Send A Thank You Card – A REAL One

Yes, why not? This is the digital age, and, as such, everyone is expecting to be bombarded with Thanksgiving online content and contests and giveaways. But, if you take a slightly different approach you could really make yourself stand out. Every year the NYC-based creative agency called Suka sends out a Thanksgiving card to their clients. has reviewed two of these cards, whose irresistible design has made waves beyond those who actually receive them.


This, to my mind at least, is extremely beautiful, and the fact that it comes in physical form is something that Suka’s clients I’m sure are extremely thankful for.

What Thanksgiving campaign ideas have you seen around that are worth stealing? Social media is full of them at this time of year, so please be generous this year and share the best ones you come across in the comments below. And thank you!!


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