20 Unmissable Tips for Using Periscope for Business


What is Periscope? Periscope is the latest social media platform which is the brainchild of Twitter. It is new, shiny, and growing like weeds.Basically, you download an app on your phone and begin live video streaming. People hop on your broadcast and can comment live and give you ‘hearts’. Simple.

So what is the fuss about? Is it the latest fad?

According to the latest stats released by Periscope, there are over 7 million registered on Periscope and 36 million+ broadcasts have been created in the past 3 months. That’s THREE MONTHS.

Yes. Periscope is exciting because it’s real, it’s live, and it’s raw. People are flocking to it and already using it to build or strengthen their brands and even drive business. Interested in doing that for yourself? Let’s explore.


#1 Make sure your Periscope handle is your name

In order to get started on Periscope, download the app, it works both on iOS and android.

Use your Twitter account to sign in to Periscope. It is super important to keep in mind that currently, you are not able to change your Periscope handle after you sign up, so if you want to change it to your name, or make it a bit more clear, do that prior to creating your account.

The reason you want to do this is because people greet you when you hop on to a live broadcast by addressing you by your name. If your title is hard to say, you are making it hard for them to give you shout-outs.


#2 Optimize your bio

You are able to change your bio on Periscope at any time. And it is a really good idea for you to say very clearly what is it that you do so people can decide if they want to follow you.

Also, on the broadcast when you see people’s comments, you have the ability to click on anyone’s name and see what they are all about. You’d be surprised to know how many people still make their bios creative, cryptic, and hard to understand.

Secondly, your bios are searchable, meaning people can search for terms in the search box and find you. Put relevant keywords in your bio. Lastly, when you put your website URL be sure to use so that it becomes a live link when people watch replays on the web.

Upload a photo if you haven’t already. It gives people a chance to know who you are and connect with you on the spot.


#3 Craft a killer title

Just like any other social media platform, choosing an intriguing and value-laden headline for your broadcast is super important. Although this platform is very new, nonetheless, you are competing with others when you go live.

Say clearly what you will be talking about. Build curiosity if your topic naturally lends itself to it but don’t go creating super-hypey, link-baitey titles that scream ‘you won’t believe what I found’ or ‘check this out and see the biggest ….’. Not cool.

Use a few hashtags in your title. At the moment, hashtags are not searchable on Periscope but they are searchable on Twitter and as you broadcast you will have people coming to you via Twitter. Also by choosing relevant hashtags like #business #entrepreneurship #socialmedia #design, you discourage creepers and trolls from joining your broadcast and throwing you off with lewd comments.

Don’t use more than 2 or 3 hashtags or they will lose their effectiveness. Also use emojis in your title to make it stand out and look interesting.


#4 Set yourself up for success 

Before you begin your broadcast, put your phone on Do Not Disturb or aeroplane mode (and turn on the WIFI). This way your broadcast won’t stop as soon as you receive a phone call or a notification.

Do a camera check. Make sure you look presentable and the lighting is fairly decent. You don’t need fancy lighting equipment or an expensive mic. The beauty of Periscope is that your videos don’t have to be polished. That makes it a levelling field for everyone.

I highly recommend that you purchase a tripod for your phone so the footage is not wobbly and won’t give people a headache trying to catch your broadcast.

Position your camera so it is at eye level. You don’t want people looking up your nose. Since you will be reading the comments, be fairly close to the camera and try not to bend every time you read something.

Lastly, if you are nervous, do a rehearsal. Rehearse your intro. Practise introducing yourself and welcoming people until you feel confident. Then hit the red start broadcast button.


#5 Optimize your thumbnail

When you begin, the first thing your camera sees becomes the thumbnail for your Periscope broadcast and replay so point your camera at something interesting when you start. Don’t be looking at a boring wall or at your feet.

You may even want to create a nice graphic with the title of your Periscope and start there. Another way is to start with a story. Focus on a meaningful object and start talking as soon as you begin for 30-40 secs as people join.

Make sure you tick the Twitter bird so it auto tweets that you are live. This is useful because people can now watch you live on the web, they don’t need to download the app to do that.

If you are out and about in a public place, turn your location services on so people can find you via global search on the app (even if they don’t follow you yet). However, I’d advise against doing that when you are at home for safety reasons.

When you are ready to begin, simply double tap on your screen to flip the camera.


#6 Be prepared

In order to deliver value and keep people till the end, be prepared. Don’t try and come up with the perfect topic. Pick anything you feel like talking about.

Plan your show. Jot down a few bullet points if you have to and keep them nearby. This will also give you tons of confidence before you begin because you know what you will be talking about.

Build anticipation for your show by teasing people a little bit. Don’t give everything away at the moment, reveal your information as you go.

On Periscope you will be interacting with your viewers and you will get distracted. You will possibly go off on a tangent while responding to somebody’s comment. Keep a list of notes in front of you (one worded ones work really well) to remind you if you lose your train of thought.


#7 Start talking immediately

As soon as you begin your broadcast, start talking immediately. Even if you have only a few viewers or no viewers. The reason being, when you stop broadcasting, there will be a replay available for the next twenty four hours (unless you delete it).

When people click on the replay, you don’t want them looking at you doing nothing, looking confused or just waiting for people to show up. They will stop watching. Present as if you are talking to a group of people even if you can’t see anyone joining you.

Another thing you can do is to announce your broadcast in advance. For example. If you are going live in 10minutes, tell people that. This may help in getting more people to view you live.

Say hi and introduce yourself. Tell people what you do and what you will be talking about.


#8 Interact with people

Do not talk at people, talk to them. Have a conversation and make them a part of your broadcast. You are not presenting a webinar where 80% is about giving content and 20% is about interaction and Q/A. On Periscope it’s all about the interaction.

When you start, welcome people who are joining you live. Say hi to them individually. Ask people where they are joining you from. If you get any questions, answer them when appropriate.

Doing a Periscope broadcast can be tricky. As a broadcaster, you are at risk of losing your train of thought as you begin reading comments but it’s okay. You can come back to it if it’s important. If completely stumped, consult your notes and move on.

Ask them questions. Have a discussion. This aspect of Periscope makes it really unique so take advantage of it. Plan your scopes for sure be prepared to take it in a different direction. It’s totally fine.


#9 Be real

Talk as if you are talking to a friend.

Show people around. People love to see behind the scenes and sneak peeks. Don’t be afraid to get personal. It’s totally okay for a spouse or your kids to make an appearance. People love that.

Periscope is fantastic for building your Know, Like, and Trust factor.

When you show up on a scope, people get to see who you are. They get to see how you do things. They see that you are not perfect and relate to you that much more. Introduce yourself couple of times during the show so the new people know who you are. Appreciate the love.


#10 Give value

Educate, entertain, or empower. Mix up your content. Do a straight how-to content or do a scope where you show people your favourite Italian restaurant. Do a book review or make an offer. Do a Q/A scope where you answer questions or a live coaching/critique session. Direct people to relevant blogposts on your site when appropriate.

At the moment there are no fast forward controls on replays so keep that in mind. Tons of people will watch your replays because of the time difference and they can’t forward your scope. Keep it tight and keep moving. Get to the point quickly.


#11 Ask people for hearts and shares

One really fun feature of Periscope is that viewers can give you hearts when they like what you are saying. Viewers are assigned a different coloured profile every time they hop on to a broadcast and their hearts carry the same colour. They can tap anywhere on the screen to give you hearts.

Don’t be afraid to ask for hearts. Hearts indicate how popular your scopes are. Some people have hundreds and thousands, even millions of hearts on Periscope.

Ask people to click on the little person icon on bottom right of the screen (which shows how many viewers are live) and share the broadcast. This will give different options to share such as on Twitter or with their own followers.

You can run heart competitions if you want. The prize might be that you follow the person who hearted the most, or a social media shout out.


#12 Create a strategy to deal with trolls

Occasionally you will see trolls, creepers or spammers come in your broadcast. They will be nasty or just make purvy comments. Decide early on how you want to deal with them. The easiest way is to just block them live. Click on their profile and block. You can also respond to them and/or make fun of what they said if that’s your style, or just ignore.

As your audience size builds, this problem will hopefully minimize as your true fans will hop in and trolls won’t get a chance to get in quick enough to leave a comment (only first 100 live viewers can comment.)


#13 Ask people to join your list

Ask people to join your list every now and then. Presently, there is no way to share links on Periscope. There are couple of ways to get around that and share your link:

  • Ask someone to type it in the comments.
  • Write it on a piece of paper and hold it up real close to the camera.
  • Ask people to take a screenshot.

You can even create a link that you only share on Periscope to track how many people are getting on your list as a result of periscoping.

Remember to tell people what they actually get out of subscribing.


#14 End right

Do a quick recap of what you said. Thank people for coming and staying till the end. Thank people for giving hearts. Remember to save your broadcast to your camera roll so you can repurpose the content and upload on different places such as YouTube, your Facebook page, or your group.


#15 Be strategic in your Periscope marketing

Create one scope every day. Your replays last for 24 hours only which means there is urgency built in. This also means that if you go without scoping for 24 hours, all the new people who check you out will not have a replay to check you out. You will lose potential followers and leads as a result.

  • Build your following by broadcasting often. Some people broadcast 3-5 times per day. Do what fits your schedule.
  • Comment on other people’s scopes. Click on other comments and check out their profiles and use reply feature to interact with them. Keep it honest. You will get followers as a result.
  • Watch other people’s broadcasts but be yourself. Don’t copy anyone’s style. People want to see the real you.
  • Create content that is in line with your business goals. Create content that doesn’t hurt your brand and attracts your ideal audience.
  • Pay attention to questions people are asking and for popular topics. Do your own take on them.


#16 Understand the nature of Periscope

When you are in a middle of a broadcast and you see the number of people dropping, don’t be alarmed.

Don’t think that your content sucks or you are doing a lousy job. It is the nature of this app that people drop in and out. They are tuning in live while commuting to and from work. They are catching you live while making dinner, or feeding their children. They hop on as they are waiting for a client session in 5 minutes.

Don’t take it personally. Keep going. You can actually go longer than planned when you have loads of viewers online. And you can cut it short also if almost everyone drops off.


#17 Introverts can do this

If you are an introvert, you will love the freedom to get online when you want it and interact with people on your terms. You need time to recharge so it is perfectly okay for you to leave early if you are an introvert. Nobody will mind.


#18 It takes time to build an audience

Like any other social media, it will take some time to build your audience on Periscope.

Don’t forget that people who built large followings on Periscope very quickly happen to have large audiences on other social media platforms. If you have one, it will be easier. Keep at it. Be consistent and the right people will find you.


#19 Learn from your replays

Watch how you performed. Make a note of things to improve and don’t be too hard on yourself. Aim for incremental improvement. Remember you are in for a long haul.

If you don’t like how it went, if it was especially bad, or if you were thrown off by creepers, you can delete the replay.


#20 Have a flash sale

Lots of people are getting client enquiries and making sales directly on Periscope. So can you. Create a special offer for your Periscope viewers only and tell them it will be live only for 24 hours (as long as the replay is up).

Give them a big discount on an existing package or program or create a brand new one. Be clear, get to the point fast and give them the link to buy. Boom!

So there you have it. Everything I told you is true as of now. Things may change as new updates come out but really, this is all you need to know now to get on Periscope and start broadcasting. Happy scoping and share your experiences with us, in the comments below!

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