15 Email Marketing Experts You Should Know
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15 Email Marketing Experts You Should Know

There’s so much to learn in online marketing. It has a lot of moving parts, with each part being complex enough to fill a life of study. Like design or copywriting. Getting traffic, converting traffic. Business models. Plus a dozen other skills.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a world-class expert to do well online. You can build and grow a business with online marketing even if you’re a relative beginner.

Take email marketing for example. While you could devote a lifetime of study to say, writing emails or designing landing pages, or marketing automation, you don’t necessarily have to. With the right training program (like this email marketing best practices article), you could get the basics down in a few hours.

Of course, some people have gone way, way beyond the basics. They’ve become world-class experts in a particular niche. They’ve studied specific parts of marketing, including email marketing, so they know their specialty better than almost anyone else.

Here are a few of those people from the email marketing world. I’ve listed them in no particular order, but have tried to group them into somewhat related skill sets. If I’ve missed anyone you think is a world-class email marketing expert, please: Leave a comment and tell us who they are.

1) Ian Brodie, consultant/email marketing expert.

Ian has written, consulted, and thought about email marketing for a long time. Now he uses it and other marketing tactics to help other consultants get more clients. Just signing up for his email list is educational. He uses a pre-scheduled webinar in a way I haven’t seen anyone else do.

Ian is also the author of “Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing”, one of the top 10 email marketing books recommended by GetResponse.

2) Chad White, Research Director at Litmus.

In addition to having the incredibly cool job of being Research Director at Litmus, Chad is also the co-author of “Email Marketing Rules: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Practices that Power Email Marketing Success.” He’s got a monthly column at MarketingLand and posts to his own blog every so often.

3) Jordie van Rijn, consultant/email marketing expert.

Jordie is one of the best-known email marketers around. “Around” being literally around the world. He’s even been a blogger here. Sign up for the email updates from his blog to stay current with B2B email marketing.

4) Kath Pay, Founder and Senior Consultant, Holistic Email Marketing.

Kath Pay’s email marketing career has included jobs at Econsultancy (as an email marketing trainer), Alchemy Worx, and Plan to Engage. She also wrote the State of Email Marketing report, and presented two webinars for GetResponse:

5) Dela Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx.

Dela Quist is one of the most opinionated people in email marketing, but he’s always got data to back up his assertions. His posts and any other content from Alchemy Worx are guaranteed to be good. They’d definitely make a shortlist for must-read email marketing blogs.

6) Justine Jordan, Email Evangelist/Speaker and VP of Marketing at Litmus.

I didn’t want to include more than one person from each company, but Justine deserves the exception. In addition to her terrific work at Litmus, and all the webinars and blog posts she’s written, Justine was also the Email Experience Council’s 2015 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year.

7) Dave Chaffey, CEO and founder of Smart Insights.

If you don’t know them already, it’s probably time you start reading the Smart Insights blog. They cover email marketing and almost every other aspect of online marketing.

Dave’s another one who has done a few webinars for GetResponse There’s a blog recap (and a link to the recorded webinar) of Taking Your First Steps With Email Marketing Automation. Or you can watch his other webinar, Achieving Email Marketing Excellence.

8) David Baker, Co-Founder, COO; Cordial.io.

David won the 2016 EEC Thought Leader of the Year Award. He wrote a post about it – and how to be an email thought leader. You can keep up with his work on the Cordial blog. Or sign up for their newsletter, of course.

9) Tamara Gielen, email marketing consultant.

Tamara is an internationally recognized email marketer and educator. She’s a Founder of the Email Marketer’s Club and has written for pretty much every email marketing publication at one point or another.

Design And Copywriting

10) Joanna Wiebe, copywriter, Founder of Copy Hackers.

Copywriting for emails is a special skill. Almost nobody around can do it – or teach it – as well as Joanna Wiebe. She also happens to be a whiz at all things conversion. That’s probably why GetResponse asked her to write an ebook, How to Write Newsletters that Get Opened Read and Clicked.

11) Ben Settle, email copywriter.

Ben might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but he’s a killer email copywriter. Sign up for his free email updates to get a taste of his style – and to learn a boatload about how to sell stuff via email.

12) Paul Airy, email designer.

Paul Airy’s a distinctive email designer who is constantly pushing the envelope to see how far email design can go. His newsletter is great inspiration, and his book, A Type of Email, is a must-read if you’re into email design.

13) Anna Yeaman, Creative Director at StyleCampaign, an email design agency.

Anna is constantly testing the limits of email design. If you want to see what cutting-edge email coding looks like, you should be reading her blog.


14) Derek Halpern, Founder of Social Triggers, marketing guru.

Derek Halpern made his chops by building a series of successful blogs on different topics. Then he shifted into teaching other people how to do it via Social Triggers.

Derek focused on building an email list, because he knew what he was doing. He forcefully encouraged his readers to do so, too. The result? Lots of awesome resources on how to build an email list, plus some in-your-face blog posts and videos about why email list building is so important.

15) Noah Kagan, Founder of SumoMe and online marketing dude.

Noah knows a ton about list building, and has applied his skills into making one of the best list building plugins around. Read his blog and the SumoMe blog for case studies on how he got so many subscribers, plus updates on his other internet marketing accomplishments.

Back To You

I am 100% sure there are some crazy-smart email marketers that I haven’t mentioned here. So do me – and the rest of us – a favor, okay? Tell me who I’ve missed.

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