10 iPhone Hacks That Rock the Web
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10 iPhone Hacks That Rock the Web

It’s hard to remember what our life was like before cell phones. We use them for just about everything: navigating our way around town, communicating with others, working on the go, setting our alarms, and more. Many of us eat, sleep and even shower with our phones. We’re spending more and more time with these devices that are practically glued to our hands and eyeballs, so we might as well learn to make the most of them.  As marketers, we too rely on smart phones to convert customers and drive sales. But how do we make the most of these devices as users and marketers?

Here are 10 mobile life hacks and tricks that can help you make your iPhone iOS8 work harder for you (and perhaps impress your friends too). No apps (or experience) required!

  1. Need a quick boost? While traveling, check the back of the TV or the alarm clock for an extra USB port to plug in your phone or tablet. Then turn your phone into Airplane mode to charge your phone twice as quickly. Need a boost in your subscriber boost? With a click of a button, import contacts into your GetResponse email campaigns in just a few seconds.Iphone_hacks
  2. Get Responsive…and resourceful. Amplify the sound on the go sans speaker or auxiliary cord using a cup, bowl or the cup holder in your car to make a mini boom box. Or, light up an entire room by placing a clear plastic bottle full of water on top of your phone’s screen and the water will illuminate a large area.
  3. Oh snap! In photo mode, tap on the primary location you wish to focus on to sharpen and improve lighting. You can also adjust the brightness by holding your finger on the tapped area and sliding it up and down (see right). And when you’re ready, use the volume control button on your Apple earbuds or the volume button on the side of the phone to take the photo – selfies has never looked so good!
  4. What was that you say? Have Siri read your texts while driving or long emails while doing laundry. Turn on the “Speak Selection” feature in Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech,then select the text you want her to read or highlight the chat window and select “Speak”(see right). Or turn on “Speak Screen” allows you to swipe two fingers down and have it read whatever is on the screen.planes-overhead
  5. Smart Phone, Smart Email Too! Just like the name GetResponse implies, you can make your email campaigns responsive to look great on iPhones too. Their email templates and designs automatically convert the layout to be optimized for all devices, regardless of email platform. No extra coding or effort required! And using their “Inbox Preview” feature you can instantly see how your email will render on all browsers and email service providers.
  6. It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Find out what flights are above you at any given moment byasking Siri “flights overhead?”She’ll spit back a list of airlines along with flight numbers, altitude and what angle they’re at. (see right). Speaking of flying, GetResponse has mobile-friendly landing pages that adjust to your phone so when a user clicks through to a page, it will be easy to read and take action on the go.inbox-preview
  7. Music to your ears. Wondering what the name of that song is while out and about? Ask Siri “What song is this?” and she’ll use Shazam to share and with one click you can buy in the iTunes store. And your email campaign open rates will be music to your ears utilizing GetResponse’s A/B testing and Email Intelligence to maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts.
  8. Lock it up! Make your passwords extra secure by adding an accent to them. Hold down certain letters (like the “a”) for a few seconds to pull up special symbols. And use the Do Not Disturb settings to silence unwanted calls at certain times of day or from repeat callers.
  9. Oops, I typo’ed again. Undo that unwanted autocorrect by shaking your iPhone while typing (see right). Need it back? Shake it again to redo. Haters might hate your bad typing skills, but as Taylor Swift says, Shake it Off. undo-typing
  10. I Screen, You Screen, We All Scream for Screenshots. Last but not least, you can take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen to show visuals (as done in this article) by holding down the home screen button and the power button on top at the same time!


What hacks or tricks do you use on your iPhone? Comment below to share which features you can’t live without!


Our author is Sadie, the Director of Marketing for Cover Story Media, Inc. and WeRockYourWeb.com where GetResponse is the #1 rated Email Marketing Service (Read review here). She has acted as the email marketing coordinator and web designer for one of the world’s largest travel companies and managed social media for dozens of major brands. She has a breadth and depth of web and marketing knowledge that reaches far and wide. She loves all things Mac and keeping up with the latest web trends.

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