10 Actionable Social Video Stats


We’re long past the time when video content was just the future of online marketing; the future is here and it’s bright. Video content is the present and the future of online marketing, no questions asked.

For brands, using video in social media platforms is not just an option, it’s a must. Video content is a meaningful part of the conversation, and brands that don’t leverage its power can get left behind really quickly.

But you don’t have to believe me. Let’s look at the facts: how is video content shaping social media interactions, and how can you act on that?

We’re going to look at ten statistics about social video and what you can do to make the most of them. Let’s start!


85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

The majority of Facebook audiences watch video without sound. This is because Facebook has built an environment in which there’s no need for the users to turn up the sound — but this doesn’t mean that consumers are less engaged!

In fact, brand lift doesn’t get affected by whether the user watches the video with or without sound, as long as you stay up to date and act towards your users habits; news feeds are now full of short videos that feature text or captions. The idea is to optimize your videos for Facebook: make it easy for people to consume the information without needing to turn the sound on.

So, take this into consideration, and always add subtitles to your videos on Facebook! Otherwise, it could just get lost between the 8 billion videos that get uploaded to Facebook each day.


65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video will watch for at least 10 seconds, and 45% will watch for 30 seconds

It seems impossible to keep your audience’s attention, doesn’t it? So, nobody is shocked to learn that 10-30 seconds is all the attention you’ll get. But the job of an online marketer is to integrate this fact into your strategy.

This is why your Facebook videos shouldn’t be longer than a minute. Users like videos that they can quickly like or share before scrolling down to the next piece of content!

Also, keep the most important information at the beginning of the video. Your message must reach your audience, even if they just stay for the first 10 seconds of it.


93% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile

Videos are a powerful addition to the way your brand positions itself on Twitter. This is a social platform that has a majority of mobile users, so there’s no surprise that 93% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile devices. How can you take advantage of this?

Optimize your videos for mobile usage. This means, for example, using vertical videos. Vertical videos cater to your mobile users because you’ll be maximizing the viewing area in their mobile devices, without them having to rotate their screens.

Short and to the point is also important, given the ephemeral idiosyncrasy of Twitter’s timeline. And the subtitle and caption rule works here too.


Videos are 6X more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3X more likely than GIFs

Video is a type of content that spreads widely online, and that’s especially true on Twitter.

Twitter users like to engage with video content, as it’s the most shared media type in that platform. Not all kinds of videos get the best results anyway. To make sure that your video content will work, the best move you can make is to use native videos.

Native videos on Twitter will get you the most retweets and interaction. In fact, let’s take a  look at another statistic which says exactly that…

  • According to a study led by Twitter, native videos drive 2.5X replies, 2.8X retweets, and 1.9X more favorites than third-party players

You see? This is because native videos provide the advantage of autoplay, and also because these videos become part of your media library, so they are easier to find for your audience.

Keep in mind that native Twitter videos can be anywhere from one to 140 seconds long, and videos less than 6.5 seconds long will loop automatically.


Despite more brands posting videos than ever before (13.2% of all posts), photos still see higher average engagement (at least on the timeline).

This statistic applies for Instagram, so let’s reflect on that for a minute. Instagram started being a platform used just for sharing pictures, and it’s just been fairly recently that they’ve rolled out new features involving video.

So, the trick with videos on Instagram is to use it in a smart way– the type of video content with the highest engagement rate is the one that creates a collective experience.

What does this mean? Top videos on Instagram are the ones that let the audience relive thrilling moments, or get an inside-look at things they wouldn’t normally see, like a behind-the-scenes take. To get the higher engagement, you can (and should!) use video on Instagram, but you should use it as a way to enhance your regular content.

Facebook, on the other hand…


A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo

Facebook video is one of the best ways to get your content out there (on this social network, and reach your audience effectively in this social network. Why? Because Facebook used to rely on photos so heavily, that it’s a type of content that’s almost taken for granted — and if your audience takes your content for granted, they won’t be paying attention. An overused type of content won’t be effective.

Video, on the other hand, is where the real growth point is. This format is far more effective at reaching audiences, so be sure to include them into your Facebook strategy and follow some of the tips we mentioned above.

In fact, Facebook will probably be all video by 2019!


Facebook Live Videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos

On another note, we’ve got Facebook Live Videos. By taking a look at this stat, all of us can definitely agree that Facebook Live videos are powerful.

This is a type of content that’s actually considered like a different type of media than regular videos. In fact, Facebook usually ranks Live Videos higher in the newsfeed, because they’re, of course, more interesting and engaging in the moment than after it has passed.


Facebook users comment 10X more on Live Videos than they do on regular videos

Not only are Facebook Live videos watched 3x longer than regular videos, but also Facebook users comment 10X more on Live videos than they do on regular videos so they should have an important place in your social media strategy.

Facebook Live videos are great for many purposes, like product launches, in which you get to build up expectations to the maximum before releasing a new product.

Also, customer interaction — starting a conversation with your audience is easy with Facebook Live, because of its instant comment feature. You could also use them with a behind-the-scenes approach, or for customer tutorials… The possibilities are endless.


YouTube has over a billion users, with hundreds of millions of hours watched daily and billions of views

Never underestimate the power of using YouTube as a “home base” for your video content! You should manage your YouTube channel wisely, and upload  great quality videos often.

Don’t forget to link your channel to your other media profiles! Remember, YouTube reaches more viewers in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic than any cable network in the US. Don’t lose the chance to attract these viewers to the rest of your content across different platforms.

Ranking high on YouTube searches is great to take advantage of the high traffic YouTube gets. And it’s not impossible to be the first result in a search!


In Summary…


Social video content is here to stay, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon (if you haven’t done so already!).

It’s important to have high-quality video content. One that caters specifically to each of your social media platforms.

Look at the statistics, and learn about them — Using native video will always work better. Also, your videos must be optimized for mobile (because most of your audience will be looking from there!). And take advantage of the new, different features, like Live Videos!

What works better for your brand? Share it in the comments!

Actionable social video stats and how to act on them

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