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Newsletter Templates for Home Business

Lucky you − you're living in the golden age of network marketing. You have access to amazing digital tools to build your downline and generate commissions. We're talking about GetResponse email marketing of course!

A few examples of how you can use GetResponse to grow your business:

  • Expand your marketing reach while creating a new revenue stream with performance-proven email marketing services from GetResponse.
  • Create network marketing success newsletters for every subscriber and business with 500+ templates, 1000+ FREE iStock images and up to 1 GB of media.
  • Reach prospects wherever they are with colorful web forms, unlimited autoresponder messages, and one-click social media integration and sharing!
  • Segment your affiliate lists according to products, revenues, region, network position, demographic info, or other factors that help drive your profits.
  • Split test to always send the right message to the right audience. Create up to 5 versions of titles, design, and content until you find the “money maker”.
  • Track, measure and optimize your network marketing success with email analytics. Get full color graphs and detailed reports delivered daily.

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