GetResponse MAX
for Higher Education

Open the door to effortless enrollments and lifelong loyalty.

As a higher education marketer, you’re facing fiercer competition than ever before – from campuses all over the world. You need intelligent tools and technology to stand out, streamline admissions, share updates, and connect with applicants and alumni. And you want to measure your marketing ROI – without needing a degree to grasp the data. We get it. And you’ll get it with GetResponse MAX.


Boost enrollments with seamless admissions

With our trusted all-in-one online marketing platform, you can do it all: recruit and support students, share news, and synchronize data from different departments.

Just drag-and-drop to build brilliant landing pages, forms, and responsive emails that look flawless on any device. Use Multiuser feature to empower each department to build and send meaningful messages in minutes. And set up automatic email reports with at-a-glance charts and analytics.

Keep students informed

From ‘You’re accepted!’ to ‘Your assignment is due’, it’s simple to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

And with smart segmentation and all-in-one tracking, our advanced CRM helps you keep an eye on every applicant and student – all in one place.

Control and share design assets across departments. Send deadline alerts and advisor announcements. Boost RSVPs to campus events. And sort applicants by degree, to send personalized information and career opportunities.

Keep students informed

Attract international

Reach applicants and alumni anywhere in the world – in their local language, and with emails sent in their time zone. Create a virtual network of students, faculty and advisors. And use dynamic content and personalization, to bring a local feel to multiple global geolocations.

It’s even easy to create e-courses and send video lectures – as well as interactive webinars to share knowledge with your international audience.


Nurture lifelong loyalty

Turn engaged prospects into engaged alumni. Automate the entire experience from prospect to graduate and beyond – and use intuitive workflows to nurture your network of donors, advisors, and alumni with automated personalized messages.

Marketing Automation grows with your campus. So you can start simple and scale your campaigns.


Stand out online

Relying on printed prospectuses to attract applicants won’t cut it in today’s competitive education sector. With GetResponse MAX, you get a set of advanced online tools under one roof to save time, boost ROI, and streamline your sales and marketing.

Create an immersive, interactive experience for prospective students – and track their actions. Enhance enrollments with online courses and training. Enrich lectureswith professional videos, webinars and content – and keep students informed before and between classes. Then send surveys to generate feedback and boost student satisfaction.



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