GetResponse for Fitness & Wellness

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just a trend anymore; it’s a true revolution that has seized every online marketing channel: from landing pages, through videos and blogs, to social media. Not sure you can compete against the giants? GetResponse will help you consolidate your efforts and manage it all from one platform, building your reputation, trusting relationships, and market positioning.

Be passionate and establish yourself as an expert.

Enthuse others with your passion and let them get completely inspired.

  • Create landing pages with exercise programs, diet plans, spa resorts and success stories.
  • Prepare a weekly blog digest of your best healthy recipes, beauty tips, and fitness news, then distribute it via RSS-to-email.
  • Send spectacular photo reviews from outdoor training, exercise demonstrations or fitness and beauty fairs.
  • Share instructional videos on how to perform the exercises and do facials.
Enthuse others with your passion and let them get completely inspired.

Keep your customers close.

They will thank you for not letting them lose focus and motivation.

  • Set up automatic motivational messages to help clients achieve their goals from the very first day they sign up.
  • Share invitations for outdoor training, beauty forums and meet-ups with personal coaches.
  • Send messages according to time zone and motivate your customers even when they’re on vacation.
  • Create multiple surveys to find out their favorite training methods or spa resort expectations.
Keep your customers close.

Turn beginners into raving fans.

Help your customers remember your brand and come back every time they need personal advice.

  • Create landing pages with exercise timetables, staff capabilities, and special spa offers.
  • Let your followers sign up for training, cooking courses, or online beauty tips.
  • Send automatic reminders about proper clothing and equipment, or simply about the time remaining to achieve the goal.
Turn beginners into raving fans.

"I've bought or used just about every webinar platform and this seems to blow the others away as far as intuitiveness and features. AND already integrated with the email list."

Steve Carmichael -

Create a self-motivated community.

Enhance discussions, solicit feedback, and establish long-lasting relationships with your customers.

  • Spread your content via social media and let others ask questions, share experiences, and compare results.
  • Provide unlimited access to your experts — nutritionists, beauticians and personal trainers — to surprise your readers with firsthand tips and tricks.
  • Include social media buttons to encourage contacts to share your exercise videos and beauty tricks with friends.
  • Grant access to your paid programs using forms that trigger a series of emails.
Create a self-motivated community.

Give your email personality.

Make sure your clients know how much you care by calling them by name and making a true connection.

  • Personalize your wellness newsletters with the client’s name, location, or any data you collect in their online profiles.
  • Capture individual preferences of your customers and send them tailor-made diet and exercise and spa plans.
  • Spread quick information about the closest vegan restaurants, health food shops, and beauty parlors, depending on user localization.
  • Design automatic messages that are triggered when a client opens a message, clicks a link, or makes a purchase.
Give your email personality.

Move up to mobile.

Keep up with the fast growing mobile community and take advantage of the technology.

  • Send mobile responsive emails, so fitness and wellness clients can access your programs and videos at home or the gym with equal ease.
  • Click to preview how your designs will appear on mobile devices, for those who are anxious to receive important information or want to tap to subscribe.
  • Generate multiple reports, at-a-glance charts, and advanced analytics and have a sneak peek via your mobile device.
  • Integrate your account with fitness and wellness applications and manage all your contacts from one platform.
Move up to mobile.

Try GetResponse.

Your health, fitness, and wellness practice makes a huge difference in the lives of your clients. Find out how GetResponse makes it easy to communicate with freedom and power.