Where to find my legacy landing page settings?

When you build your landing page layout, you also get to decide what URL the page is going to have, whether to use a thank-you page, which list to add it to, etc. All this can be done inside the Landing page settings.

There are two ways to get to the settings screen.

  • When you build a new page, click Next step inside the page editor.
    Next step button in the landing page editor
  • If you want to access settings for a page you’ve already built, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Manage Landing Pages.
  2. Click the actions icon (ellipsis).
    Landing page settings button
  3. Choose Edit settings.

This is where you can configure the following elements.

SEO settings

In this section, you can add information that will help your landing page stand out in search engines. The information you enter here will also show up in link preview when you post a link to your page.

This information includes:

  • Page title.
  • Page description.

You can also choose not to index the page in search engines.

URL settings

In this section, you can choose the URL to use for your landing page. Select one of two options:

Subscription settings

Here you can:

  • Choose a list to collect your contacts into.
  • Choose between double or single opt-in.
  • Decide if you want to add your contacts to an autoresponder cycle.
  • Select a thank-you page type (Default, Custom, or Stay on current page).

Analytics & remarketing

Here you can select if you’d like to track your landing page performance using one of our integrations. You can choose from: