What is Files and Images and how to use it? Video

The Files and Images page within GetResponse lets you store, upload, and manage audio and video files, images, photos, and documents. Additionally, you can choose images from 2 millions professional-quality pictures selected from Shutterstock. These files can be added to your messages, forms and landing pages for creative and engaging marketing campaigns.

What file types does Files and Images support?

You can upload files with the following extensions:

  • Images (jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp, ico)
  • Documents (txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pot, potx, pps, ppsx, xlsx, xlt, xlsm, xltm, key, numbers, pages, odt, ods, odp, xls, ics, epub, iba, zip, rar, psd, tfd, ogm, tif, tiff)
  • Videos (flv, fl4, f4v, mp4, avi, mov, wmv, mpg, mpeg, mp4v, qtx, asf, m4v, m4u, m4e, mkv, ogv, ogx, qtm, qt, webm, wmx, ogg)
  • Audio (mp3, m4a, wav, wma, sn)

You’ve got 2GB storage space at your disposal. You can find your current used and available space in the top right corner. Keep in mind that the size of an individual file can’t exceed 50MB. The maximum allowed file resolution is 40 MPx.

How do I use Files and Images?

Go to Files and Images.

To navigate it, use the tabs in the top menu to switch between the Shutterstock gallery and your own uploaded files under My Files.

To upload a file

  1. Choose Add files.
  2. Drag your file to the appropriate drop zone or select a file from your computer. You can upload multiple files at one go. To do this, select them all and drag them to the drop zone. You will see all your dragged files on the list in the upload window. You can remove some of them if needed, and add more if you like.
    Files and images upload
  1. Choose the destination folder from the folders dropdown.
  2. A file thumbnail appears in your selected folder when the upload is complete.

To create a new folder

Create a folder for your files by choosing Add new folder. Folders can be used to organize and separate your documents. If no folders are created or used, all uploaded files will be placed in the default Main area.

To add a stock image

To browse the images, you can select to view them all or filter a specific category.

  1. Click Free Shutterstock images.
  2. To preview the image, move the mouse over the thumbnail and click Preview.
  3. To save the image in your folder for later use, choose the actions menu and select Copy to folder.
  4. Choose the destination folder you want it to appear under going forward.

If no folder is chosen, the file will be saved in the default Main area.

To buy additional images

It’s possible to buy additional images from the Shutterstock paid images database. These images are $5 each and this option is restricted to paid accounts using card payments only.

  1. Select Buy more images from the side menu.
  2. Move the mouse over the thumbnail and click Buy this image. This adds the image to your cart.
  3. Click Check out to finish the transaction.

To preview a file

To preview a file within Files and Images, mouse over the file you’d like to view and left click. This will show the full file along with information such as the file size, resolution, and upload date.

You can use the arrows on either side of the file to shift to the next/previous file within the current folder.

What changes and improvements have been made from the Multimedia Studio?

The Files and Images section has greatly expanded on the options and features previously available within the Multimedia studio. These changes include:

  • Additional supported file types
  • The ability to rename files and folders
  • Multiactions which allow you to select multiple files and folders at once in order to remove them in bulk
  • A Copy URL option is now available from the action menu for uploaded files