What are website visitors in Facebook Ads?

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When configuring Facebook Ads in GetResponse, you can set up your ad audience based on visitors to your landing page or custom website URL. This allows you to target only the people who have visited your page in the specified time period or exclude those people from your target audience.

We automatically add the Facebook tracking code to Landing Pages and Conversion funnel pages for every Facebook Ads user. For custom URLs, you would be required to add the provided tracking pixel to the page code.

Tracking website visitors can be used, for example, to target people who visited your landing page, but didn’t get to the thank you page. It’s also useful to track people who were on your sales page, but never went to the order form, and to use the ad to convince them to buy your product.

Note: Once you connect the Facebook Pixel integration, it will automatically generate and place a Facebook pixel on all of your GetResponse landing pages. The pixel tracks visitors entering your site through a Facebook ad so you can target them based on their actions. Only you have access to this information in your account. We won’t be able to view, use, or share it with anyone.

How can I set up a custom audience based on website visitors?

After going to Paid ads > Facebook Ads > Create ad, you have the option to set up your audience under Create audience.

In this step, select Website visitors to target your ad to the website audience. You can track up to 5 pages, at least one of them has to have the Include visitors condition.

webiste visitors audience Facebook ads.

Select your page source by using the dropdown. You can use GetResponse Landing pages, Funnel pages, or custom URL.

webiste visitors selection.

For pages created in GetResponse, you are able to specify from which page exactly you want to track visitors.
For landing pages you can track:

  • signup page,
  • thank you page.

For Conversion funnel pages you can track:

  • signup page,
  • thank you page,
  • sales page,
  • order form,
  • confirmation page.

Note: you can only track pages which have been created in your funnel.

You can also set the visitors tracking up to recognize people who have visited the page in the specified time period, e.g. in the past 30 days (maximum of 180 days). You can’t track people via their geographical location in website visitors.

audience set up in Facebook ads.

Note: For custom URL, to track visitors, you will need to install a pixel on each page of your website. You can do that by adding the pixel code to your website header, just above the section. The pixel code will be provided in a pop-up window under 2. Copy the entire pixel code and past it in the header.

Install pixel code on page.