What are the Online courses templates used for?

The Online courses templates give you many ways to present your course content. Depending on which template you select, your subscribers receive your materials at a set pace or on-demand. The templates use tags to help you reach the right group of contacts to promote your courses and follow up with everyone who’s completed them.

Course promotion

The Course promotion template lets you promote your content and encourage people to sign up. This template is useful if you want to:

  • send an invitation to the contacts who are tagged as interested in the courses you offer
  • send a follow-up message to everyone who has signed up
  • send a reminder to everyone who hasn’t signed up
  • assign tags to contacts based on their responses.

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Basic email course

You can use the Basic email course template when you want to automatically deliver course lessons at a prescribed time interval. When you use this template, you will select the messages you want to send to your subscribers and the tags you want to start and finish the workflow with. The Wait elements have been preset with the recommended delay time. Note: You can always add more elements (or delete them), depending on your course length.

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Advanced on-demand course

Use the Advanced on-demand course template to allow your course participants to receive the course lessons when they want them, not at a predetermined flow. The template uses 7 elements but you can add more (or delete existing ones), depending on your course length. Finish building the workflow by choosing the messages you want to send to your subscribers and selecting the tags you want to start and finish the workflow with.

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Post-course retargeting

The Post-course retargeting template is useful when you want to congratulate everyone who’s finished your course and recommend other courses to them. It helps you encourage them to sign up again and see you as a source of valuable knowledge. With this template, you can build a workflow that:

  • automatically sends a well-timed message to the contacts who’ve finished your course
  • sends a reminder message to those who may have missed your initial offer
  • helps you identify who is interested in participating in more courses and who isn’t. You can then decide if you need to run a re-engagement campaign or can focus on delivering course content to your audience, or run both campaigns at the same time.

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