Can I edit a message that I’m using in a workflow?

Sometimes you need to update one of the messages used in your published automation workflow. You can edit the messages anytime you need.

There are two ways to change messages in a workflow:

  • By editing an automation message,
  • By replacing the existing message with a different one.

How do I edit an automation message?

To edit an automation message:

1. Go to Menu>>Automation and select Automation messages.

2. Look for the message with the status In use.

3. Locate the Actions icon (vertical ellipsis) to the right of your message name and hover your cursor over it.

4. Choose Edit from the menu.

Pro tip: The Automation message settings step is a good moment to rename your message to make it clear that it’s the new version.

5. Click Next step.

6. Make necessary changes and click Next step to save them.

Once the message is saved, you will be redirected to Automation>>Automation messages. The updated version will be displayed at the top of the message list.

Learn more about automation messages.

What happens after I edit a message used in an automation workflow?

After you edit your automation message, all contacts who get to this block in the workflow will get the new version of your message. The contacts who already got the old version of the message won’t get the new one.

Please note it can take up to 30 minutes for the automation cache to refresh and send out the newest version of the message.

How can I replace a message in a workflow?

To use a different message in your existing automation workflow, you need to:

1. Prepare your message.

It can be a new message created in Menu>>Automation>>Automation messages or you can reuse another message (Newsletter, Draft, Autoresponder).

2. Go to Menu>>Automation.

3. Click on the name of the workflow to edit it.

4. Locate the block with the message you want to replace.

5. Click on it and look at Properties.

6. In the first dropdown, select the type of message you want to use.

When you reuse a different type of message than Automation, a duplicate of the original will be copied to Automation messages.

Properties of the send message block.

7. In the second drop-down, select the name of the message that should replace the current message.

8. Click Save and publish to make the changes live.

All new contacts who enter that block will get the new message.
Please note it can take up to 30 minutes for the automation cache to refresh and send out the updated message.

What happens when my automation message has specific delivery times?

If your Send message block is set to send messages only during specific hours, your contacts will get the updated message only if you edit the message before its delivery time.

For example:

  • Your sending hours are between 10 and 11 AM.
  • The contact enters the block at 8 AM.
  • We calculate the earliest possible delivery time, in this case, it will be 10 AM.
  • If you change the block before 10 AM, the contact will get the edited message.
Send message specific delivery properties.