What does it mean that my account is limited?

When we detect unusual or suspicious activity in an account we automatically limit the account and block mailing function.

You can still log in to a limited account and view your data. However, you won’t be able to send emails or export your data while the account is limited or under review.

To proceed, you must verify your identity by logging in and uploading a valid photo ID. Upload a scan of a valid government-issued document that includes your photo. We accept:

  • Identity card
  • Drivers license
  • Passport

What does it mean that my account is being reviewed?

After you verify your identity, our compliance specialist checks your account and makes the decision to unlock or terminate the account.

Why did you decide to limit my account?

We’ve implemented a proprietary abuse detection system called Hydra. The system analyzes billions of data pieces in real-time (email addresses, subscriber activity, message content, user behavior, and more). Hydra makes automated decisions based on self-learning algorithms that are always adapting.

Our policy is that we don’t disclose the logic behind Hydra or the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that support it. Regrettably, we can’t provide more information about why your account was suspended.

Note that account lock is 100% software-triggered. We don’t judge your list or your business. We must respect very strict anti-spam rules and algorithms used by email service providers. This is crucial to maintain a high-level playing field for all our customers and to ensure best sending environment for all.

What are the common reasons for account limitation?

Here are the most common issues: