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What is Hydra?

It’s GetResponse’s in-house anti-abuse system that helps identify and assess potential threats posed to our customers’ reputation and deliverability.

Hydra gazes at and sniffs out tons of data coming in and out of GetResponse accounts.

Hydra’s main goal is to help all GetResponse customers stay compliant with email industry best practices and standards, as well as our own policies, including our anti spam policy.

To do so Hydra runs hundreds of tests on various parameters, to name a few: complaint rates, bounce rates, and subscription sources. Hydra also examines behavior within the accounts to keep an eye out for suspicious patterns.

Hydra in action

Hydra learns all the time while swiftly processing a substantial amount of data, so it can make accurate decisions within seconds. This trait creates a firm foundation for many features and tools, like:

Immediate list verification
Real-time monitoring of subscriptions against malicious scripts
Real-time monitoring of message content
Maintaining the best deliverability possible

Hydra for you

Should I be scared?

Only if you’re a spammer.

Hydra’s vigilance benefits all compliant users, making sure that your emails get delivered, opened, and clicked.

Hydra watches your back while you build your marketing program.

Anonymous Hydra Developer

Take a look at what you get with Hydra always on the watch:

Top sender’s reputation

keeping your emails out of the spam folder

Best-in-town deliverability

up to 99,5%, automatically monitored and optimized

Top list quality

no corrupted, invalid, and inactive addresses on your list

Single opt-in API subscriptions

risk-free contact imports from other services and integrations

Having such an amazing creature on our side helps the Compliance Team use their expert knowledge to help customers, while preventing abuse before it breaches into the world and affects the email ecosystem. That’s something we all benefit from!

Proven security, unbeatable deliverability, and top-notch email reputation.

Choose the plan that fits your needs

With a clear anti spam policy GetResponse ensures high sender reputation and deliverability rate of 99%. Globally, the average inbox placement rate in 2016 stood at 79%.

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