How to create an automation message? Video

In GetResponse you can create an automation message using our state-of-the art message editor that allows to quickly build beautiful emails. The process is simple and straight forward, which makes it easy to create a message for your workflow in no time.

A marketing automation message is a special type of message used only as an action in marketing automation workflows. The main difference to other messages you can use in GetResponse is that you don’t set the sending properties. The message gets sent as a result of all conditions and filtering that you set up in the workflow

Every newly created automation message draft will be listed in the automation message manage view. It will include messages which are either incomplete or ready to use in an automation workflow, or these which are currently in use. This view will display both messages created in the old message editor and in the new one.

How to create an automation message?

  1. Go to Automation > Automation messages (this section will be available once you create your first workflow).
  2. Click Create automation message.
  3. Give your automation message an internal name.
  4. Select from and reply-to email addresses.
  5. Provide your message subject line.
  6. Click Design message to go to the message editor. For more information on using the new editor visit this section.
  7. After designing your message decide if you want to enable click tracking and send the message as a source for Google Analytics.
  8. You can save your progress or Save and finish the message.

What statuses can the automation message have?

automation statuses

There are three statuses that your automation message can have:

  • Incomplete: the message doesn’t have all the necessary components to be considered complete. These are: a subject line and designed content which consists of the message content, visible footer, and a positive or neutral spam check. These messages won’t be available for selecting from the dropdown in a workflow.
  • Ready: The message has all the necessary components (a subject line, and designed content which consists of message content, visible footer, and a positive or neutral spam check) and is ready to use.
  • In use: the message has all the necessary components and is currently in use in at least one workflow.

How can I manage my automation messages?

You can manage the messages if you:

  1. Go to Automation > Automation messages.
  2. Hover over the Actions menu (vertical ellipsis) to the right of the message name.
  3. Select the option you need, these include: Send test message, Edit, Preview, and Delete.

Where do I find statistics for my automation messages?

Messages sent as a part of your marketing automation workflow have their own statistics that can be found on the manage automation messages page. You can access this page by selecting  Automation messages from the main Automation menu.

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