How to create a mobile version of a legacy form?

The following article is about legacy forms.

Legacy forms are no longer developed and are not available in accounts created after July 18, 2023.

In GetResponse you can generate a mobile view for a form based on the desktop version. When you edit the desktop view, the mobile one will adjust automatically.

Once you’re ready with the desktop version, simply switch to the mobile view and customise the mobile form.

Please note that after editing the mobile version, the desktop one will be blocked as any edits made to on desktop view will regenerate the mobile form.

Note: this only works for embedded forms.

How to generate a mobile view for a form?

  1. Go to Forms.
  2. Click on the name of your form or create a new form.
  3. Create the desktop version and once you’re done, click on the mobile view in the top right corner.
    Mobile view.
  4. Adjust the mobile view to your liking and click Save or Publish to set the form live immediately.
  5. Repeat the same flow for the thank you page.
    Thank-you page.

Note: Mobile versions can only be generated for forms created using List builder wizard.

Once you generate the mobile view, we will lock the desktop version. We do that because editing the desktop view will regenerate the mobile one and reset any changes you made there. To edit the desktop view again, click Unlock.

Editing the form.