How many messages can I send using my Free account?

In your Free GetResponse account, there is a limit of messages that you can send. You can send up to 2500 messages per month. This applies to the 30-day free accounts with premium features, as well as the free for life accounts, which didn’t upgrade after the initial free premium period.

We will show you how many messages you have already sent and how many more you can still send on your dashboard and also on the Email Marketing manage pages (newsletters, drafts, A/B tests, autoresponders, automation messages).

The limit is calculated for all message types, including:

  • newsletters
  • autoresponders
  • A/B tests
  • automation messages

Notification emails (such as confirmation emails) are not included in the limit. 

Messages in progress, such as newsletters sent with the use of perfect timing or time travel, will be discontinued once the limit is exceeded. The same applies to emails scheduled in advance.

Calculation period starts with the first message sent. Limit usage is calculated every hour within the 30 day period.

How can I check my current limit?

There is a progress bar with numbers on the newsletters, drafts, A/B test, autoresponders and automation messages manage pages.

You can always check how many messages you have already sent and how many more you still have left to send. If you exceed 80% of the limit usage, the progress bar will change its color to orange. Once you exceed the limit, the color will change to red.

You can upgrade to a paid plan any time.

What happens when I exceed the limit during sending?

Sending will be interrupted according to the limit of usage. Once you exceed the limit, the recipients over the limit will not receive the messages.

What can you do when you exceed the limit?

You can upgrade your account any time using the link provided in the info-box. Once you upgrade to a paid plan, the limit disappears and you can enjoy sending unlimited messages.

What will happen to my active autoresponders and workflows when I exceed the limit?

Once you go over your sendout limit, no more autoresponder and automation messages will be sent.